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View Poll Results: Pirate Yes/No
I was a pirate and didnt give a toss 20 26.67%
I was a pirate but wasnt proud of it 6 8.00%
I bought some and copied some games 44 58.67%
I bought ALL my games 3 4.00%
Im a kleptomaniac and stole all my games 2 2.67%
Voters: 75. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 15 January 2003, 23:34   #1
Into the Wonderful

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Pirate or Law Abider?

Back in the hey days of the Amiga, did you mostly pirate your games, buy all of them, or a bit of both?

If you were a so called 'pirate', did you ever feel guilty?
If you were honest Joe, were you ever tempted?
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Old 15 January 2003, 23:49   #2
Junior Member

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Pirate and got busted in 1993. That surely taught me a lesson. Now I'm clean .
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Old 15 January 2003, 23:50   #3
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Tell, what had happened ? I'm curious...
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Old 15 January 2003, 23:59   #4
Junior Member

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I was just an ordinary low life swapper, whose address was found by the police when they busted one of my contacts. That shithead gave it to them to save his sorry ass and didn't warn me. It cost me a lot of money to get out of this again.
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Old 16 January 2003, 00:32   #5
Registered User
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I can't really vote on that as I only got an Amiga recently. With pc games now I'd have to take the pirate some and buy some. I think the ratio I'm keeping now is about 3 bought games for each 2 pirated, where the pirated might be one of the games bought.
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Old 16 January 2003, 00:54   #6
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Location: Connecticut USA
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Back then I had a part time job... I think I purchased maybe 25 games over the timeframe that I utilized the Amiga, and probably pirated 1200+.
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Old 16 January 2003, 02:07   #7
Cable Buyer
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Location: Big Lake, USA
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To steal from Burseg's sig, I was a pirate and proud of it. Not because I was getting away with a "crime", but because it built status.

Today I buy all of the new games I want to play. I can afford it now, and I could give a shit about fame.
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Old 16 January 2003, 02:17   #8
Give up the ghost
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Location: U$A
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I went with "was a pirate and didnt give a toss", but none of them really were appropriate for me. I did give a toss and also bought games, but I was a MASSIVE pirate, so none really fit my situation.

I would rather post Pay Pal money to the original authors of those old games than to give a dime to modern programmers with their souless, shallow, engine-licensed, blurry, tepid, samey, contrived games.
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Old 16 January 2003, 03:41   #9
aka breakpoint

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Join Date: May 2001
Location: Brighton / UK
Age: 45
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I didn't pirate for profit, i was swapper amongst friends... i did however have a mate who worked for scoopex as a trader, where most of my games came from... but i did (sometimes), get a copy and then go out and buy the original when it finally came out... games i thought that were paying for
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Old 16 January 2003, 07:42   #10
Black Lives Matter

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Join Date: May 2001
Location: New York
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I was a pirry and didnt give a toss.. Why? Because I was a kid, and in Argentina, only software you could find was pirate. originals did not exist.

Then I grew up and learned
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Old 16 January 2003, 11:20   #11
Junior Member
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Location: No(R)Way
Age: 39
Posts: 2,762
ay ay pirates

im still a pirate, but I tend to buy new amiga software (and boxed old games that I find ...) If I had the money i would buy everything
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Old 16 January 2003, 12:01   #12
Registered User
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Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Merseyside
Posts: 37
I have to admit I was a pirate and didn't give a monkey's.

I was only 12-13 yrs old when I had my amiga, and buying games was simply out of the question from a financial pov!

I mostly buy games for the PC now, as I can afford to, but I still copy them aswell.
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Old 16 January 2003, 13:18   #13
Mr Creosote
Evil Mastermind
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Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Hamburg, Germany
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I was a pirate, but I didn't copy to collect, but only the games I really wanted to play. In addition, I spent most of my money on original games - but that wasn't much back then

Nowadays, I only copy games if there is no other way to obtain them - and I constantly buy many second-hand games to replace copies. New software is out of question for its crappiness anyway, so I neither copy or buy it
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Old 16 January 2003, 14:57   #14
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I was and still am a pirate, but purly for financial reasons (living on income support doesn't leave much for software).

But I have bought games/apps I really liked or could get through special offers etc, most (nearly all) of the stuff I've bought I wouldn't have with out a pirate version to try first...
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Old 16 January 2003, 15:57   #15
Posts: n/a
I voted "I bought some and copied some games". My Dad used to swap games, or rather exchange copies of games, with his colleagues at work. Basically if he/we wanted something he'd give them the disks and they'd try to copy it, and we did the same for them. I also used to swap games with my best friend at primary school, sometimes we would also make compilations for each other of PD games or utilities. Most of my families games came this way, mainly because most of the copied games weren't that good anyway. Usually if I or my parents really wanted a game they would buy it. Some of the copies were cracks, so I can only assume one of my Dads work mates knew a cracker and the games went round the whole office.

(EDIT) Now I but original Amiga games from eBay. The only copies I have are my own backups and a few that came with my A600,(Fire and Ice and Street Fighter 2) which I don't use use anyway.
Old 16 January 2003, 20:21   #16
The Sacred Armour Of
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Location: Sussex, UK
Age: 42
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I tended to buy most of my games through those gits who went by the name of Special Reserve ordering club.

Anyone else remember them?

Any hacks i got my hands on (which were few) tended not to work on my A1200 and so were useless to me. Didnt stop i and other Amiga owners from diy jobs tho; ie photocopying the protection symbols for Flashback and The Settlers
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Old 16 January 2003, 20:59   #17
Posts: n/a
Special Reserve are still about!!! Thats assuming you mean the mail/phone order guys who make an almost monthly magazine? My dad has been a subscriber since 1991, and until quite recently he kept all the back issues. Now the oldest one left is Christmas '92. They don't sell Amiga anymore, they have basically moved with the times and now sell PS, PS2, GC, X-B, PC and Mac stuff. I still use them to order PC games sometimes and their service is generally excellent. They own a whole group of websites and have club shops all over England now too. Check out what I think is their homepage: http://specialreserve.com/ or maybe http://www.freeola.com/
Old 16 January 2003, 21:12   #18

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Location: Rio de Janeiro / Brazil
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Here in Brazil, like in Argentina, there were no original games, only pirated games. It was the ONLY way to get amiga games.
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Old 16 January 2003, 22:44   #19
Posts: n/a
the pirate game?, do you mean Hook?,
no i didnt buy that one.

and x-copy was the only copy disk i had i think.

why are people ashamed or proud to own a game
with pirates in anyway?
Old 16 January 2003, 23:15   #20
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Location: Denmark
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There weren't too many original Amiga games here either. There were more C64 games even durning the Amiga greatness period.
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