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Some non-TOSEC ADFs

I recently dumped all old floppydisks i got with an A500 purchase a while ago to ADFs and did try the latest Tosec-dats on them. It turns out that there were around 60 of 'em that weren't recgonized at all by the dats. I havn't got a clue what content they may have, nasty read errors, nude pics of Rick Astley or what. - alot seems to be coverdisks from a Swedish paper called datormagazin. And other stuff. Well, if anyone want's to check them out for TOSEC renaming or something, they are on the EAB-ftp under public uploads/jonathan.
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Thank you.
nomansland.adf: [ Show youtube player ]
bass_megademo.adf: It's Bass Megademo 2 which I had on my A500 but forgot the title. I can not find this demo on BitWorld and pouet.net
bubba_budget_1_2.adf: First disk of Bubba 'n' Stix, without any cracktro.
complexkaraoke.adf: http://bitworld.bitfellas.org/demo.php?id=8771
criterion.adf: database
dms.adf, magij12.adf: 2 8svx sound files
dmz2_95.adf, dmz3_95.adf: Small tools, disk is not bootable and do not try to open it with ADF View
dss.adf: Digital Sound Studio 1.15 http://i.imgur.com/yoRPQ.png http://i.imgur.com/75c5Y.png
erikabayw.adf: Slideshow with softcore photos of Erika Eleniak from BayWatch
finlandia1_3.adf: First disk of http://bitworld.bitfellas.org/demo.php?id=8418
genesiaconf.adf: I think it's not cracked version of http://hol.abime.net/2715
minicopypartyintro.adf: by Software Sweden, I can not find this production on Bitworld and pouet.net
gorbypack1.adf: 16 tools
kefrenslide.adf: http://bitworld.bitfellas.org/demo.php?id=8078
melomndesign.adf: http://bitworld.bitfellas.org/demo.php?id=888
minicopypartyintro.adf: By Software of Sweden, I can not find this demo on BitWorld and pouet.net
ncomm2.adf: tool
omega.adf: Perfect Sounds http://bitworld.bitfellas.org/demos....oup&strict=yes (missing)
pacman.adf: Super Pacman 92 http://hol.abime.net/5866 Moonshine Racers preview, I think music is different than in full game [ Show youtube player ]
palacetunes.adf: http://bitworld.bitfellas.org/demo.php?id=7888
ppackeretc.adf: PowerPacker 2.3b
razor1911.adf: bad bootblock?
realprof3d: Real 3D v1.4 Pro
slideshow1_2.adf, slideshow2_2.adf: http://bitworld.bitfellas.org/demo.php?id=4188
sonic_arr.adf: read/write error
sonictechno: http://bitworld.bitfellas.org/demo.php?id=7488
starbirds.adf: Not bad PD horizontal shooter: [ Show youtube player ]
tetris_intro: http://bitworld.bitfellas.org/demo.php?id=175 and some packed archives with tools, disk is not bootable
tyrantslideshow: I can not find this demo on BitWorld and pouet.net http://imgur.com/a/xJTAe

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Thanks for taking a look at them, hope they get to Tosec some day!
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