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Need help with 2 very annoying problems

I have read myself to death over the last 2 days trying to get these things to work correctly. These problems are probably very simply fixed but i cannot for the life of me find out how.

Netgear FA411 PCMCIA Card and AmiTCP and AExplorer.

Installed the card in my A600 used the tutorial to install AmiTCP and from the A600 can ping google, the computer sitting beside the A600, the router, the 2 XBOX's, kids wireless computers and the Mame cabinet without problems. All the computers can ping the A600 also. The A600 can also ping itself.

Trying to connect the A600 to AExplorer is a different story. Used a serial cable for a few months now without problems. Now that TCP/IP is being used the A600 changes to that when AExplorer icon is clicked. In the AEXplorer PC properties the connection type is TCP/IP and the IP is the A600. When click on AExplorer on the PC it comes up with error (Error reading from TCP/IP) and the A600 comes up with error (Error innitialising socket connection)

Can someone please solve this for me

Next problem SCSI Zip drive on A3000

I have sucessfully mounted my internal SCSI Zip drive on the A3000 using both FFS and CrossDossFileSystem.

The problem is that i would like to see the full filenames instead of addb~. I have been trying to install fat95 without luck. Is there any tutorial available or can someone help me set up fat95 to work with the Zip drive?

Thanks for reading
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On the AExplorer on the amiga just have everything set up on Auto.
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I just tried it out myself and it seems not to work with AmiTCP. As soon as I start the "Amiga Explorer" icon on the Windows desktop, the AExplorer program on the Amiga quits with the message "unable to establish socket connection".

It works at once when using Miami.

The trouble shooting page on amigaforever.com was of no help either. It mentions Genesis and the inet.access problem, but this is not the case here. Obviously AExplorer was listening and got its packet from Windows but could not answer for some reason. Also I tested if port 356 is open on the Windows firewall and it worked as expected. So although Genesis is a branch of AmiTCP, it does not work the same in this case.
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thanks Thomas for your detailed reply. I just don't understand why AExplorer refuses to work. Especially when you can ping the A600 without problems. Should i dump AmiTCP and try Miami? Will Miami give the poor old stock A600 heart failure when transferring files?
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Write a mail to the Amiga Forever support and ask them if it works with your version of AmiTCP. If they say it doesn't, tell them there is a need for it.

Btw, very poor of them not to specify the TCP/IP stack requirements.

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