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A1000, A500, A1200, monitors and more..

I never thought I would, but I have - lost interest.

They do not serve any purpose to me anymore, especially when being stashed away in a closet!
And no, I will not regret selling them later on.. Long ago I sold my beloved C128D and bought a nice VCR. Sure, sometimes I get nostalgic and wish I still had the 128D, but I would not trade it for not having the VCR all those years.

Before I try to flog them off on some online auction, I thought I might give you first dibs. After all, they are my babies and need a good home.
I have not divided the lot into packages (although I would prefer to sell the monitors with a computer), so tell me what items wou want and we'll see. Try to make my trip to the postoffice worthwhile though..

The miggys, all in good condition:
* A1000, 512KB RAM, originally kick 1.1
* A500, 1MB RAM, kick 1.2
* A1200, 2MB RAM, 60MB HD, kick 3.0

* Two monitors, one 1081 and one 1084. Good condition and both give a nice tan
* An assortment of joysticks (The TAC-2 only has one working button)
* AMAS stereo sampler/MIDI interface.
* Some boxed games: Interceptor(cracked case), LSL5, BloodMoney, PacMania, Monkey Island, Sim City, Manix, Fighter Bomber, 688 Attack Sub
* 'Blank' disks. How many? I don't know - 250 maybe?
* Some books. See the picture for details. I am not selling the HW reference - its a photocopy (some wanker stole my HWR at a demoparty years ago). If you want it you can have it.

* Swedish computer mag - DatorMagazin. Very good condition, especially -89 and onwards.
- 1988, 16 issues (Complete)
- 1989, 18 issues (Complete)
- 1990, 19 issues (Missing #16)
- 1991, 4 issues (#2-#5)

* The 2600jr? Just for fun. Buy a big chunk and i'll toss it in.

All items are in Gothenburg/Sweden. Buyer pays shipping. I can ship the monitors, but would advise against it unless you really, really want one. They are quite heavy.

PM me with offer or reply if you need more info.

Some images on freeservers.com


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