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Originally Posted by Seiya View Post
in my opinion, Macintosh 68k was superior both in graphics and sounds. The same software on Amiga run bad, on Mac side much better. Yes there some games in black and white, but there are games and apps that Amiga never ported, never coverted, never developed.

Mac 68k maybe could be rival with PC 286/386.

But it wasn't. Clever marketing for sure.

the fact that some games or app were never ported, converted nor developped doesn't meean 68K Mac we're superior in gfx and sounds. By the way, there is much more Amiga games that never made it to the Mac than the reverse (in the Commodore era, of course

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The simple fact that an Amiga could run the full Mac OS as separate task (virtualization before virtualization) and interchanging files via dosdrivers better than a similar real mac - with distinction of graphics - shows which machine was more versatile - i had my A1200/030 be my main machine until forced for a big freelance work to get a performa 6400 (was in DTP) and was able to exchange data between the two via serial and terminal.

What i did like of the macs was that the GUI was mostly consistent - something amiga software did not had, clipboard, fast customization (extensions and control panels were relatively easy to add and remove, more so with an extra utility) but then cooperative multitasking was a PITA and same with file exchange unless you knew what you were doing (diskdoubler interface allowed me to change files type/creator* easily though)

* Type/creator were two four letter denominations internally used by old Mac Os to define file properties (is executable? is a document? is configuration?) and which application did belong to - usually invisible to the final user unless changed with programs like resedit or the diskdoubler tool above

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