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Too bad, but such is life. Gotta go by the numbers even if they don't fit with your mental model of what should be fast. Did you try inline asm'ing the new innerloops?

And just for funsies, here's a quick attempt for branch-free clamping code (just the standard min/max stuff with constants, not micro optimzed):
        ; d0: in/out
        moveq.l #31,d3
        moveq.l #127,d1
        sub.l   d1,d0
        move.l  d0,d2
        asr.l   d3,d2
        and.l   d2,d0
        add.l   d1,d0
        moveq.l #-128,d1
        sub.l   d0,d1
        move.l  d1,d2
        asr.l   d3,d2
        and.l   d2,d1
        moveq.l #-128,d0
        sub.l   d1,d0
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This is something I intend to try later. The mixers don't have any other branching except for the clipping, so it could help a bit.
edit: I haven't tried inline asm for the drawing yet, since switching to vlineasm1 had such a significant performance hit.

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