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Help Needed

If anyone on the team here is a programmer (not sure what everyone does yet) I need some help with a little project I've got going.

Alongside developing Xenon3 I'm also writing a program similar to Game Commander, that can understand speech and pipe keypresses into running programs.

It's working beautifully - with one snag

Games that use DirectInput (most PC games these days) completely ignore the SendKeys and SendInput and kbd_event functions in Visual Basic that are used to simulate keypresses.

What I need is for someone who's good at DLL Injection (or hacking generally) to write me DLL (or just some code) that can attach itself to a running process and "wrap" itself around the DirectInput Object.

Basically the code needs to forward all messages back to the running program autonomously so that it continues to work but, I want to be able to send my own keystrokes to the program in such as way so that DirectInput will interpret them as if they had come from the keyboard driver directly.

Or alernatively, if anyone knows how to develop and use a VXD (virtual device driver) from Visual Basic so you can pipe keypresses to the system at DRIVER level then that would also do the trick.

the DLL Injection Route will need to hook into the DirectInputCreateDevice function as well as the GetDeviceState function, so that it can inject it's own keypresses into the function and then forward it on to the calling program.

If anyone's up to this task, I'll PAY for this code. Also, I can provide you with my existing DirectX Keyboard class as starting point.

Any takers?
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You must be desperate to offer money.

Try threats and blackmail first

once you have your takers. I will offer you my black mail files for each member, to ensure you get the best deal out of your volunteers, purely on a professional basis of course
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He He.

This is actually under way now - I hooked up with a developer on GameDev who is currently writing me a hooking DLL that should accomplish this task.

Xenon 3 is still in development - just a bit slow at the moment.
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Heys DTB,

It seems you need a new IO handler, I have almost re-wrote glut for its complete nastyness moments (especially the keyboard and mouse inputs).

the best i could recomemend is an absolutely awsome site http://nehe.gamedev.net/
no game developer should be without it..

hope it helps Daph.
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