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We need more scans!

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Hello fellow amigagians (try to say that after 10 beers)

during the last 8 years or so, I've had my A1200 out and back into the closet, in the meantime in these many years, I've converted it into a tower, got my hands on a BlizzardPPC 68060 and ppc166, Mediator TX with Radeon, RTL8021 & SBpci128 + some more stuff..

only recently have I gone "pro" with getting myself some "new" hardware, most recently a A2000+GVP030+some SCSI disks, A500 and an old Philips 8833 (my old 8833-II blew up, and I probably need to get it fixed).

with this new A2000 which looks like it had run a BBS, I can see some Malibu drivers / software (yeah, it got a California Access: Malibu controller aswell) which I'm going to extract and donate together with pics to http://amiga.resource.cx/ if they are getting back to me..

my friends and collegues look strangely at me when I say I have a few Amiga'es so it's always great to come to forums like this ;-)
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Welcome aboard and my missus thinks I am strange.. Though I am considerably older than she is

Some nice hardware you're packing there!
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CBM & Retro Mad
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Welcome to the forum enjoy! ...and some great kit you have there
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The 1 who ribbits
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great that you have found us, strange looks is the norm for me ribbit ribbit
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Welcome to EAB tomse!

Just don't talk to them about the Miggy, that'll fix it Enjoy your stay
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Hiyas Tomse

Welcome to EAB,

Theres plenty of retro-licious mischeif to get upto around here so make yourself at home..

BTW, has anyone told you that you have to take pics of your Amiga Hardware and Post it yet? ..... they havent..... oh... well its in the rules somewhere....
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Old 18 June 2010, 00:22   #7
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Hi Tomse,

Welcome aboard with your Amiga hardware!
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We need more scans!

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Location: Copenhagen / Denmark
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thanks :-)

well some pics might come up.. I just want to finish off with the expansions of the machines recently bought an Indivision for one of the A1200 and Indivision for the A2000... and a mini megi so I can get 2MB chip mem in the A2000.

I've run into some unluck :-/ I recently got an eprom burner, and wanted to make a backup of the roms for the GVP and malibu, somehow the eprom burner killed my roms

I can get a GVP rom, but the malibu will be a pain to get
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