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Big grin EAB tecnhlogy issue

Well, I suppose this can only be asnwered by a few ones.

So, what tecnhology is this board using?
On which language has been utilised?
On what server does it reside?

All tecnhlogy features interest me...
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At the moment, it is using vBulletin Version 2.2.2 (http://www.vbulletin.com/), which uses a PHP front-end and mySQL database.

The server is in the U.S., but RCK is moving it to his own private server at home (unless he already has done it!).

The users have been created use a Person class, with attributes such as Country, AmigaLevel, AgressionLevel and Name. A person factory pumps out each instance. Now and again there is a memory leak.
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you will feel it, when the server will be moved
(max in one week, or maybe a few days)
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Will that be how long we can feel it being moved?
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Old 12 February 2002, 18:09   #5
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The Earth will tremble, seas will flood into countries, pyramids will topple, vulcans erupt, typhoons will wreak havoc, polar caps will melt, burn even, the Titanic will rise from its grave, when we see the mighty RCK single-handedly wade through the ocean and drag the EAB server to his home country, France.

After that, he'll drink a nice glass of wine and share some smelly camembert with his friends. Desperate souls, tearing their last strands of hair from their pockmarked heads, crying in sorrow because they were unwilling before to join the mighty realm RCK had constructed, will wail in unison with those who were banned from that same realm, the EAB. Crumbs of baguette will smash their houses, pieces of fungi-laden cheese will gas their families, fumes of alcohol will destroy their puny bodies in hellish fire.

That's how you will feel the servermove. Sign up on the EAB before all is lost!
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lol !
the server move will be a painless operation
cause we jump on a new hardware, no need to cross the see, the new baby is already here (in paris) and ready to run at 90% !

I'm only waiting the green light from telia now.
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