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Black Lives Matter

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Vector graphics tool for Amiga?

I was wondering if there were any vector graphic tools for the Amiga, like Adobe illustrator. I know many miggy programs accept EPS, WMF and other vectorial formats, but is there any prog that lets me create vectors?

Any info greatly apreciated
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I think a program called ProVector does this. I only ever used a version from a coverdisk. Unfortuately I can't transfer and upload it for you because my Amiga is still dead Anyway, I think it may well be on the web...its Amiga Format coverdisk 58b. Hope this helps....the coverdisk label certainly sounds like this is what you want.
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If that doesn't work, you can *possibly* try


I'm pretty sure there was a more professional program, but the name has escaped me (it's running out the door as we speak....Damn name)

I recall Pagestream had some vector drawing capabilites. You can try that too
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The name came back to me and apoligised for escaping my evil clutches! (Don't worry. I beat it up so it won't be going anywhere due to a broken leg)

The name of the program is Drawstudio. It was made by Haage and Partner. It's commercial, and is the best you'll get.

I have the complete version of Drawstudio 2 Lite. It was given away on CU Amiga CD 16 (and possibly others)....It's err.....107mb uncompressed

If you'd like me to zip it up for you, I'll do it....but err...The ADF Zone will surely reject it, so my FTP will have to do
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Or you can just use the demo of it


This demo seems to be made before Haage and Partner bought the rights to it...This is only 673k.

It's created by Graham Dean and Andy Dean who, if I remember correctly, made the fantastic program on the Amiga, Imagestudio (definately recommended to all)
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Pretty sure there were others, as well. I haven't really looked at these proggys in years, but I also have Draw 2000, Draw 4D, Modeler 3D, Pixel 3D, Pro Draw 3, and Ultra Design. One or two of those may not be the same genre as you are looking for, but I think the others likely are. Just say so and I can up them.
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i can upload DrawStudio 2 if you want it, complete with serial number.

It's only two disk because it misses most of the fonts and examples that were in CU CD16.

Let me know if you prefer i zip the two dms files i have or the two adfs (i just undms them in WinUAE).
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Originally posted by Akira
molto grazie, amici (surely mispelled )
Not so much, literally translated means to me: "much thanks, friends" .

That's because the word "grazie" is the plural of "grazia" (grace) and so it just expects a plural adjective.

Here in Italy we're more used to expressions like "mille grazie" (or grazie mille, which is the same) that translates to : 1000 thanks

After all this speech i must end with a :

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There is at least two other great vectorial drawing systems on Amiga, ProDraw [GoldDisk] and Art Expressions [SoftLogik].
I dunno ProDraw well but ArtExpressions is very nice and fast.

I tried DrawStudio (version 1.0 only) and I find it very limited and sloooow (A1200/030@64MHz - 16Mb). Maybe v2.0 is better.

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