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Question Amiga mentioned in Orange Is The New Black?

A bit confused how to interpret this, but I just saw S04E07 "It Sounded Nicer In My Head", and there is a scene at minute 5 where a woman comes to a cubicle of another woman at the 'Seattle Eagle' newspaper office, who has an already very old PC on her desk as main machine. She is complaining to the other woman that she is always transcribing her articles for hand-in on an old typewriter, and now comes the sentence that puzzles me:

"I know banging it out on an old typewriter has a certain mystique, but do us all a favor and get a computer... Buy an Amiga... Live in the now."

Is she really referring to our favourite girlfriend?
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Yup she does, but it's weird that she points at her computer which is an IBM PS/2. Hopefully they didn't imply that was an Amiga, or the "scene" will surely throw pitchforks at them

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Lol, I skipped back a few times just to hear what seems to be the word amiga. But indeed see points to a PS/2
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Haha gotta see this not up to that episode yet though.
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Originally Posted by dirkies View Post
Is she really referring to our favourite girlfriend?
Who cares?
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We do! It's a huge difference between a standard IBM PS/2 and our beloved Amiga. Remember that, because I have used both.
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Yeah, picked this up last night, i kept looking at the machine and thinking, that's not any Amiga i know of, i guess script writers knew their shit but the props guys said .. too expensive to put one there, just grab any old white box, noone will notice on their 60" ultra hi def screens.
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Maybe the writer of the scene has an Amiga or used to own one but whoever setup the set with the crap computer in it does not know what an Amiga is?
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