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Capacitor Party 3 productions for Amiga.

Past november 25 th Capacitor Party 2017 in Málaga, Spain was celebrated. This is the best and most polific production party than spanish amiga fans and users have since the last 20-25 years, some of the amiga fans of this event and productions was amiga great coder/musicians/graphic artis in 90 ths and no make more productions until now, others are amiga fans with his first productions. I hope this is a new era of Amiga productions from Amiga users community. Here a short list and description of this productions, enjoy!.


Queen by Jojo073/AmigaWave. Deluxe Paint pic in 16 colors. WINNER
Caribesu by Mac/Batman Group. Deluxe Paint pic in 16 colors.
Bad Ninjas by RickyPlace. Deluxe Paint pic in 16 colors.
Degas by Mac/Batman Group. Atari ST Degas Elite 16 colors pic.


Amiga is Life by FireBoy. Protracker module. WINNER
Break free by Zoltar. Protracker module.
Calipso by DJ Uno/Batman Group. Protracker module.
Embrujo Gitano by Zoltar. Octamed module.


Golden Wing by CopperSky. An ASM game like asteroids, you can manage up to 50 sprites in screen at 25 fps. WINNER GAME
Space Combat by Juande3050. A RedPill great game with an awesome intro. WINNER Amiga project of Capacitor Party 2017
Silverman and the treasure of San Juan by AmigaWave-Goblins. A small pirates themed point and click test adventure for the party.
Eurofighter by Prokiddoom, Spiral, Funkybot and Commodore Spain. An AMOS game for this group of amiga fans, first production.
Mirror by Zener and Estrayk. A Redpill game with a very high quality. Zener is the creator of RedPill game maker engine.
Raining Eggs by Tecniman and his Amiga fan cat Momochan. A simple and funny game made with RedPill.
Laberinto by Sensei Sarma. A Redpill game.
Puzzle by Sensei Sarma. A Redpill game.
The Big Lefowsky by Sensei Sarma. A censored game made with RedPill


Plastic toys are forever by Skynet and God. An awesome Demo for AGA amigas from 020 but recomended 060 for full fps. WINNER Demo/Intro.
The Cult by Dreedd, Mac, Dj Uno / Batman Group. Intro with some old stuff that now view the light.
The Cube by Tolkien. An ASM intro , first production of this user since years.
Silverman Intro by Birra, Tom, Jojo073, Zoltar Goblins/AmigaWave. A small intro made in ASM for the test game Silverman.

Here you can check the the resume and screens of this productions .

You can download all this from Aminet or from Commodore Spain, clicking text "Descarga".

In addition to this the event receive other productions as contribution.

The Things by AmigaWave/Goblins. A test of new game engine made with Blitz Basic 2 for Amiga 500.
Demo Capacitor 2016 by Birra, Zoltar. A remade intro of Capacitor 2016.
Trolls Free by Goblins/AmigaWave. A demo with some classic effects and routines for Amiga 500 made in ASM.
JojoSlideshow by Jojo073/AmigaWave. A slideshow disk with a collection of pics made with Deluxe Paint, awesome pics and great music from Estrayk.
Capacitor of the Beast by AmigaWave. A small promo for the event made with HollyWood 7 from sources of Andreas Falkenhahn. Executables for 68k, WarpOs, PowerUp, MorphOs, AmigaOs4, Aros.

Here Aminet download links:


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Golden Wing - Amiga game wins Best Game Award at Capacitor Party 2017

The MSXdev'17 competition wasn't the only thing to be finalised this year, as from the 25th to the 26th of November, the third edition of the Capacitor party was held in Spain with new Amiga demo's, music and games shown much to the excitement of the Amiga community. In fact during the event in which a number of people came forward to show off their developments for that winning entry, it was Golden Wing by CopperSky, that aimed high and won the Best Game Award!
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Originally Posted by Neil79 View Post

Check the other games, Space Combat are awesome too.
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Tonight i'll upload the WINNER demo .
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updated Aminet download links.
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Nice !! Im looking for the "Plastic toys are forever" - Skynet and God and the other entries in the demo compo plz ..
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WINNER demo are uploaded to Commodore Spain web site. Tomorrow you can see in Aminet.

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