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Angry The gimpy CDTV controller

Welllll, I just went rumaging around in my loft and found my old CDTV, complete with external disk drive and the horror that was the controller. At first this was quite exciting cause I haven't turned on a real amiga in 5 years. I also found around 50 boxed games in the loft as well I actually bought 95% of my Amiga games
Anyway, I started playing New Zealand Story and the controller is HORRIFIC. I'm not sure if it is buggered up or something, but it is so freakin difficult to do running jumps with that thing. Had the same problems when I played Dizzy. I really do dispise the CDTV controller. I'd sell the whole evil computer if it wasn't for the fact I doubt i'd get much for it
So yes, thankyou CDTV controller for ruining my Amiga user comeback. I'm hoping when my A500 PSU arrives tommorow and I plug it into my A1200 it all works OK. Otherwise i'm gonna throw a major fit.
Why oh why couldn't they stick a joystick port on the back of the CDTV...unless there is one and I just missed it
OK, i'm a bit calmer now, I might try seeing if I can play Stunt Car Racer with that controller

...I do like the disk drive noises though.. ahhhh the memories

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The good old CDTV! I owned one many years ago

I managed to get some parts from an Escom employee! one of em was called the "BrickEtte" it had two 9pin joystick ports on it and was plugged into the cdtv so you could use any joystick/pad as normal!

I also got hold of the infamous trackball and the mouse with the wire on it instead of the rubbishy cordless mouse!

Wish i never sold the thing now
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Oh yeh i forgot about that hack!

good one blackcornflake
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