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Sensei Le Roof
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Question Been pulling my hair out

I've been searching high and low for a collection of modules (at least I think so) of songs known only (so far) as B4A Master -- but that's just a name my friend devised based on his cassette copy of the music. All my search has revealed is that it might be called "Sonix Music Disk".

Along with songs I can't identify are mod-versions of...
"You're the Voice" by John Farnham (with a voice sample of part of the chorus)
"Mad World" by Tears for Fears
"You Belong to the City" by Glenn Frey
"Maniac" by Michael Sembello (short version)
"Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes (also short)
...and a song that sounds game-ish, that might be called "Alex".

If anyone can provide me with links to the collection or its files, I'll worship you and possibly your children. (And if it helps the search and identification, I can provide a zip file of my crap-quality mp3s made from a 3+-generation taping.)
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Hi Sensei Le Roof,

if you have WinUAE or a real Amiga ready you could check out these disks : http://www.planetemu.net/?section=re...&rubrique=roms
Look at the second section 'Commodore Amiga - Demos'.
If you find the disk that has the music and want it to be ripped in mod format, leave me a note here
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Sensei Le Roof
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My efforts thus far with WinUAE have been minimal help, and I didn't hear anything I recognized. Maybe someone can recognize some of the songs I'm dealing with here? Anyone who can dig up the original MODs will own my soul as soon as I can download the paperwork!

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Sensei Le Roof
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It won't let me edit again. Bleh.

Something I consider an important breakthrough: I've just discovered the file saved as "Friday Night Fever" is really a MOD of "Cambodia" by Kim Wilde.
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Originally Posted by Sensei Le Roof View Post
All my search has revealed is that it might be called "Sonix Music Disk".
You're definitely on the right track, the tunes in your ZIP are from various Sonix data disks, they aren't modules as such but IFF-SMUS files made using Aegis Sonix an older composing tool.

Now we hit the problem, the tunes you are looking for almost certainly came from a private collection, I seriously doubt you will find one disk that contains all of them. To assist your hunt I've put together a package of all the Sonix tunes that I could find, it doesn't include all of the songs you're looking for but some of them are definitely in there it's just a matter of sorting through them. Download it from here

If you don't already have a player then you will need a copy of Deliplayer along with Wanted Team's Sonix Music Driver or alternatively a copy of UADE.
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Sensei Le Roof
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DeliPlayer works. I loathe programs that don't tell you you need to delete an old version...

There are, however, about 50 or so files in the ZIP that won't play in DeliPlayer or XM-Play. If necessary, I can put up a list with relevant folders.

A related question: I notice the use of .instr/.ss files resemblant of module files. Maybe that's what caused my initial confusion, but anyway, is there a way to make those files usable as samples/instruments in (for example) ModPlug Tracker?

Another: are there other Sonix tunes available in this way elsewhere? Some tunes have exact matches, but others have close calls and a few don't have any matches at all.

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I know the track you are talking about, it wasn't a mod, it was the demo track provided with Sonix on the A500 bundle.

I still like the music from back then, and can still remember owning over 1000 floppys of games

This was pre internet and at one point i was running a BBS on my poor A500
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It was one of the song I remember listening to when the Amiga appeared in my local computer shop in 1986.
The other one was Ghostbusters. It was truly epic!

The computer used in the following video has a copy of it. Their website has vanished, but I tried to contact the owner on Youtube:

[ Show youtube player ]
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Found. WinUAE can run Aegis Sonix 1.3 and play that demo included in the disk:

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RetroGaming Radio

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Dang it ... I could have TOTALLY answered that one too!

That was pretty much a ritual at user group meetings; playing Ghostbusters and Axel F.
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Ha, I knew I made one of these ...

[ Show youtube player ]
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