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Favorites Filter | Arcade

This is how I imagine a favorites list would work in Arcade. There could be a shortcut key for adding a game to a favorites list, a gold star would appear somewhere on the artwork and in the filters section there would be a favorites filter.

For me this would totally transform the user experience. I have a lot of games, and what I’m finding is, whenever I find a new game that I would like to continue playing, the next time I use Arcade I always forget what it’s called. And because I’m always playing new games, I’m always finding new games that I want to continue playing but I always forget half of them.

Another Arcade option that would be great is a setting for remembering the last game played. Usually when I finish playing a game, I want to keep playing it the next time I launch Arcade. It would be great when launching Arcade if it had the last played game displayed so I could easily get straight back into it.

I’m dreaming of filtering by my favorites, It will be like a nostalgia concentrate.

Sorry if you’re getting sick of hearing about the favorites list FrodeSolheim, no pressure or anything
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Also, the setting for remembering the last game played should also apply to filters too, so that, for example, every time Arcade is launched it opens to the favorites filter if that was the filter in use upon last exiting from Arcade. Imagine how good that would be launching Arcade and having it open to your favorites filter while displaying the last game played!

Currently it feels like I’m going back to square one every time I launch Arcade. From there I either type in a game I want to play from memory, or I use the random filter to look for games. Ideally I want to look for games to add to a favorites list so I can spend half the time playing games from the favorites list and the other half looking for games to add to the favorites list
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Hi, the changes you are proposing are more or less already planned (The planned features allow for any number of lists, not only a favorites-list. But the favorites-list will be specially handled in the UI).
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