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Trying to remember an old Demo, please can someone help!?!

Hi all

Please could someone try and help, afraid I don't have much info as my memory fails me, but I've been searching for ages with no avail

The demo would probably have been sometime between 88-91 at a guess.

All I can remember was that it wasn't really about stunning graphics but it gave you different music for each of the Function keys you pressed. When you got to the higher 'F' key's a few of the tunes were from different parts of Bubble Bobble!!! Some of the non-BB tunes were fantastic, I can remember them clearly but not anything else!!!

Does anyone have a clue what I'm talking about?

It's driving me crazy not being able to find it lol

Many thanks in advance you would make a nearing-middle-aged man very happy!!!

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Is it really a demo? I can remember a cracktro where you could chose out of different bubble bobble tunes by pressing the F-Keys.
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this one?


just a guess but its from 1988, doesn't have great graphics and has selectable Bubble Bobble game music.

Hope that helps and it's what you're looking for.
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YES!!!!!! thank you so much both of you for your replies, it was the Bouncing Tunes one that pmc sent!!! Great memories both of you, I really didn't expect anyone to get it from my very poor description!!

As soon as the intro page started with the excellent Sidewinder music I thought "hang on this is looking promising", then the demo launched and the main music kicked in! (the one I loved was the one when you pressed +)

Thank you both soooo much, this has been bugging me for years and now I'm very happy (isn't it amazing how much nostalgia you can get from something like this!)


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