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Eek First Amiga game you ever witnessed...........

What was the first game you ever experienced on an Amiga in person that really impressed you?

For me it was Blood Money. The intro totally blew me away, and just like Defender of the Crown made me buy an ST, this game pushed me into purchasing an Amiga.

Merv the Merciless, with its neighbours theme, aslo had a strong influence on my decision as well...............not.
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First game I saw was also the first I played - Wizball. It came with the computer. I still have a soft spot for that game.
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The first was Turrican 2, and just after, The Settlers
or maybe pinball fantaisie ... (who impressed me)

I have forgotten ! Damn I'm too old
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I bought my Amiga in Dixons for £500 and it came with two games. Rocket Ranger and Feud. Both complete shite and that kinda put me off gaming for a while.

First game that really got my attention was StarGlider by Argonaut. So fucking impressive back then.
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Technocop was the first game I played. Boy that was shite!

The only saving factor was the side scrolling levels after you ditched the car. Could never decide if to net the bad guys or shoot them and watch as they went down in a bloody mess. That game would be 18 rating these days.

Hey, Chorlton, Starglider rocked! I had it on my speccy before grabbing the ST version and then finally the Amiga. The speccy version was actually quite good, especially the reverse side of the tape for the 128K hard core music edition. 128K, sigh, my small picture of murlock is probably nearly the same size. Truely incredible how they managed back then.

Man, chasing that wire framed bird type thing is still strong in my memory. Interphase on the Amiga a few years later sort of reminded me of starglider. Was there a starglider 2? I think there was?

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There sure was a StarGlider 2. It was filled vectors the second time round...still have nightmares about the flying whale LOL
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He he. I'd completely forgotten about that whale. Thinking about it now, I bet it was a tribute to Douglas Adams. Ever read Hitch Hiker's Guide?
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The first game I played (and saw) on amiga was Wings Of Fury.

It was in the early 90s, the MSX, once strong here in Brazil, was starting to get weak, and everybody was changing to Amiga. My fav MSX magazine begun to publish Amiga stuff, until they dividided the Mag in 2, a section for MSX, and other for Amiga. One of my "pirate games seller" stopped selling MSX games to sell Amiga games. Then, my dad bought an Amiga to him (My parents were/are divorced). I went to his house, and saw that little piece of computer called A500. It was so SMALL, and looked so tame, I though "Ha, this can't be better than my MSX)

and of course, it was... Wings Of Fury didn't impresse me to much, but then he showed me nice stuff like R-Type 2, Prince of Persia and Lotus 2

3 months later I had my own amiga :-)
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Look what I've just recorded guys, enjoy (Might need to use right mouse button and save as)

Starglider - the groovy theme tune

What a funky tune. Should be a chart topper if it's released by Hear'Say

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Tim Janssen
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Smile Turbo & Aladins Magiclamp

The first Amiga game I have ever seen was a game called Turbo way back in September 1989 in a German store. The game looked horrible. It is an overhead racegame with the screen split up in two windows. The aim of the game is to finish first and kill your competitors with rockets, guns and oil. Driving over the occasional trespasser is also part of the game.
I thought the game looked very much like a piece of C64 software and ignored the Amiga for more than a year.

The first game I actually ever played was Aladins's Magiclamp on a friend's Amiga in 1990. The game is a horizontal scrolling shmup with only 16 colours on screen. I was impressed by the sound effects in the game. Once you shot some enemies you heard a sample of breaking glass. The C64 I owned in that time really started to look ancient. I really need to get an Amiga! A year later I had saved up my pocketmoney and bought the best machine ever produced.
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Cool Lemmings

The first Amiga game I played was Lemmings in a computer shop...

BTW, Codetapper's great new WHD install of Starglider includes the song when you run the install.
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i don't really remember which game i saw first (i was only 5)

one of the first i remember was It came from the dessert (the game scared the hell out of me )
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Originally posted by Bloodwych
Technocop was the first game I played. Boy that was shite!

The only saving factor was the side scrolling levels after you ditched the car. Could never decide if to net the bad guys or shoot them and watch as they went down in a bloody mess. That game would be 18 rating these days.
Blasphemy! Technocop is one of the greatest games ever. It was just so cool. It's hard to explain why. I spose the time limit thing added suspense and being able to change your weapons was fun. And wsa just so damn tough to find those end of level bosses within the time limit, and then you had to figure wout whether to kill them or net them. Awesome.

My first Amiga game could have been Arkanoid or Wizball - the greatest game ever. So... hard... to... remember...
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The first games I saw were R-Tyope 2, which completely impressed me, PacMania, wich was nice, and a Tetris game I still haven't found anywhere, and I'd kill for it. Ive been looking for that bast for about 12 years!

Then Ive seen some stuff like Les Manley... and the first one I played, I think was a Lemmings 2 demo, in a shop , like Cody And of course the first game I got, Wing Commander. I liked it, even if it was technically shite
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Not sure about the first Amiga game I saw with my own eyes, but the first Amiga game I actually played was The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants - the first game we loaded up on our (then) brand new A500. Back then I thought it was okay, but nowadays, as you may have seen from one of my old posts, it turns out to be *very* disappointing in terms of design, thought and content. Ocean and Acclaim could surely have made a far better Simpsons game than this. Same goes with Virgin's "Bart vs. The World" as well...
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My first Amiga game was "Goldrunner". I played this and a few other games on one of my friends brand new A500, and then I ran home to my parents and told them I´d kill myself if they didn´t buy me an Amiga.
Unfortunately, my parents didn´t fall for that one. I had to wait another 6 months or so before I got my A500.
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The first Amiga game that really impressed me was Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders.

As i was coming from the zx spectrum, that was a real improvement in adventure playing (graphics and sound : WOW!) and the packaging was great (the included copy of Zak's newspaper was so real...).

After that i bought almost every other Lucas adventure (apart from Maniac Mansion and Loom) and i must say that i enjoyed them all, even if swapping 11 disks was a bit frustrating.
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Roll eyes (sarcastic)

My actual first games were the Magic bundle - from Silica (are they still going?)

But the games that impressed me early on, was seeing Stunt Car Racer, Zany Golf, and then Speedball 2.

Multiplayer - a preference for computer games I've carried through to this day. (Not that I can't disappear for hours into a game....)
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Honestly I bought one of the first Amigas in our town. That was 1987 in Germany after I saw the bouncing ball and the Ballerina demo which both blew my away.

My 1st Amiga year was more or less a complete disappointment because most companies released only graphical upgraded versions of their C-64 games without new levels. Examples : Bard's Tale, Borrowed Time, Hacker and Winter Games.

The first game I really enjoyed was Shanghai - the games that made me love my Amiga were Empire and Popoulus. I played both in WinUAE again Popoulus for many weeks until I reached a level around 300 were I always failed !

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My first Amiga games...we bought the Amiga for doing titles on video productions, so I didn't even know games were made for the machine until I fired up the modem we got with the lot and started finding BBS's. About the third BBS I went to had warez, so I tried a couple of small games (I didn't even know what a ware was at the time) and they were "3D Pool" (one parted and about 100k!) which I thought was cool. Then I grabbed another small game, "Hard N Heavy" which I loved. I still love that game today with its atmospheric music and shiny graphics.
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