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In a word - no. I owned an A500 for 2 years before upgrading to the A1200. Even before I had a hard drive, Blizzard 1230 IV, SCSI kit and CD-ROM it only enhanced the Amiga experience for me. It ran Shapeshifter at a usable speed, it was my first experience connecting to the internet from home via Freeserve. It saw me through college and university alongside my Panasonic printer. All the time being backward compatible with everything I bought for the A500 except the RAM expansion and Action Reply module.

For me it was a worthy upgrade.

Would I have bought an A3000 if I'd had the cash? Of course.

I could live without Doom or Photoshop. Eventually bought a PC in 2002 because my job required it.

I admit I envied PC owners when X-Wing came out though...

Originally Posted by Gilbert View Post
Was anyone else disappointed with the A1200?

Most Amiga users and magazines seemed to be very happy with the A1200 when it came out. I wasn't at all, and a look at the first games pretty much ended my association with Amiga gaming. I just saw the same games with more colours and a bit smoother. There was no wow factor. After that I stuck with the Amiga 500 (with half meg memory expansion) and my Super Famicom (Jap SNES).

Here's what Commodore got wrong in my opinion

1. Too much focus on creating higher-res screen modes with more colours (and also making the blitter work in these different screen modes) and not enough on enhancing gaming(8 or maybe 16 sprites when the comparitively old Megadrive and SNES could manage 64 and 128 respectively). It's a bit like the original Amiga - yes it can display 4096 colours on screen, but the majority of the games for the system were 16 colours (Albeit some had added some Copper magic) and most didn't even run at 50/60 fps. That was fine back in 1985 but 7 years(!) later you expect a significant upgrade.

2. There was a mild improvement to dual playfield mode. Great!... when the SNES had 5(?) playfields and could scale and rotate whole screens. Commodore seemed to have no sense they were competing here....

2. Sound chip needed 6 channels to get a decent track playing with sound effects. Again SNES and Megadrive have 6 channels each. Using the same sound chip from 1985 was ridiculous!

3. Like the original Amiga, if you wanted to get a good number of objects on screen with a lot of colours and scrolling, you had to spend ages using hardware tricks or specific techniques. Time = money and developers aren't going to want to spend 2 years making an arcade quality game on the A1200 when simpler systems exist....

I do have a CD32 now, but it's not very impressive from a technical point of view, even the mighty Banshee is bettered on both the SNES and Megadrive. The reason I like it is because it offers something a bit different and it's an Amiga It's fairly obvious it had no hope of competing long term. I just find it hard to see what Commodore was thinking with the AGA architecture??
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Absolutely YES.

AAA was promised before the AGA Amigas and on paper, it was spectacular at the time. Faster I/O and DSP OMG so drule.
I think EVERYONE was dripping over getting one of these only to be told later that an interim AGA chipset Amiga was going to be offered in its place and AAA would be coming later.

Well, that was a lie and big boo to them for ever cancelling it!
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Originally Posted by Gryfon View Post

I admit I envied PC owners when X-Wing came out though...
Same. I was over at a mate's playing X-Wing, Sam & Max and Dune 2 all the time at that point and it just made me wish I had a PC. I had Dune 2 on the Amiga of course, but... it just wasn't the same.
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I went straight for a PC (386DX40) in 1993 because of Aces of the Pacific and X-Wing. Took me until this year to get an A1200. So far I'm only disappointed about Lotus I being less smooth than on the A500 (or having gfx glitches if you disable the WHDLoad blitter wait patch).
Guess Cinemaware games run too fast on the A1200.

Is there a tool to (temporarily) halve its cpu speed or simulate that (I have a non-accelerated A1200)?

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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
I had Dune 2 on the Amiga of course, but... it just wasn't the same.
What were the deal-breaking differences?

More colours on PC, voiced intro, more voice samples ingame, CHOAM prices logic. Nothing major and game-breaking. Unless I missed something big
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Jumped ship to pc after my a500. Especially for the games at that time (like said the point&click and xwing). But still have fond memories of wings from cinemaware.

In my opinion the demo scene made the a500 great for me (I still love the demos, and hence I bought back a a500 + a a1200 which I never had (with vampire for the 060 demos).
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