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Selling Kickstarter pledge - A1200 keycaps

In short, I've got pissed off when I was informed that my selected A1200 keycaps (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...miga-computers) colors won't be delivered and I won't get the refund (I can only select other color instead) - this is a part of the response I got:

The team can't provide refunds. All our tools and molds have been designed and manufactured. The goal of our crowdfunding campaigns are for us to reach the capacity to produce these heavy industry tools for plastic industry. Then contributors get rewards as we successfully created the necessary tools, once production is done. What is possible however, is for you to transfer your pledge to someone else. Then we can arrange your account and transfer the rewards you'd designate us to a third party.
Since there is one more delay (IMHO most likely not the last one), this is exactly what I now intend to do. In 2017 I would be really happy to get these keycaps, now I'm not that much into Amiga anymore (got involved in some C64-related software development), besides I now want to go with a mechanical keyboard solution.

To be clear: I'm selling the rights to receive the reward, not the reward itself: if Phil delivers the keycaps 10 years from now (or won't deliver them at all), if you are not happy with the quality, if the colors gets changed arbitrary to an awful shade of pink, if you are forced to pay extra to receive the keycaps, etc. - than your lawyer/mother-in-law/hired-gangsta goes after Phil, not after me!

My pledges consist of the following (it looks like the keyboard layout and non-Apollo colors can be changed till 31 March):

- 1x Apollo Team (early bid), US layout, marking on a space bar
- 1x dual color, US layout, standard A1200
- 1x single color, US layout, black

I'm not sure now if I ever selected the region for delivery (if I did, it was EU).

Asking 290 EUR for all, I don't want to 'split' the rewards. (NOTE: this is more or less the amount I pledged, plus a little to cover the currency exchange costs. I'm not seeking to earn anything, I just want my money back). First to PM me = first to be handled.
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Good luck.

Philippe Lang said on 27/12/2020 that they will be manufacturing a new batch in March/April. Hopefully like with the cases he'll make enough to supply not just to backers but also Amiga resellers (i.e. the general public).

Yes the price will almost certainly be higher than the 50 Euro original 2017 price and yes limited editions probably won't be available.
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@alexh Philippe already said a lot regarding when they are going to be manufactured, countless times, so far nothing went according to the official updates. The last time he mentioned something about shipping directly from China - for me it will probably mean a necessity to additionally pay about 25% of the price I already payed to get the package through the customs (VAT + duty + who knows what else). Given that I basically no longer need these keycaps (and, contrary to my initial plans, I'm not going to purchase the Vampire; long story...) - somehow, I'm not interested.

The probable uniqueness of the Apollo version is the main reason I do not want to split (I'm not even sure if that would be possible) - selling the single/dual colour versions might be harder.
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