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FULLVGA OCS 1fc,0: true for 30 years, real today!

Can the OCS chipset handle full vga screens? In short ... yes. Those with dedicated hardware will see that a handful of "new" lines of code show that the "old" amiga 500 OSC was ready from day one, ever since it was designed and arrived on our children's desks ... 2 versions: 3 bitplane 32x32 scroll (I still have to fix the pauses because on vga or pal the centering is obviously different), the other is a 2 bitplane, 128x128 pixel font full vga starfield sprites... also this impressive on vga. In better conditions and with help, moral support and sharing with you would have been better....

hope 2 to c u one day... i'm here...


N: B: the text is provisional (I hope ...) ;-)
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Dear normal beings, I am sending you the first working version on OCS amiga and floppy boot, of the 3 bitplane fullvga with the sumptuous AXIS font I integrated. The differences compared to the code of the previous intro with the 2 bitplane are really many. I had to lighten everything and restart from just OCS to get a stable scroll without uncertainties or clicks. The third bitplane of the font drives the whole playfield crazy if I use the routines of the previous version. Meanwhile, I am satisfied with the record beauty of this fullsize version font! Note: JUSTOCSnfloppy boot! Sometimes works on others chipsets too but... it's the first version 3 bitplane scroll fullvga in life and "amiga scene". If i'll survive we could do something better together!?

deleted the off topic, random rant - bippym


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Ok, the mix of size and aspect ratio between playfield, bitplane and
modulo generates a mix that is not solved by deactivating the AGA /
1fc, 0. In any case it is now functional on both OCS/AGA systems, floppy
boot. Some minor fixes and more stable source code also being tested
on OCS / AGA. You will find 2 versions with different scroll speeds
that demonstrate, apart from the blitter clicks, absent on the VGA
screen, that the scroll is rock solid!


deleted the off topic, random rant - bippym

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So this Util will change Amiga output from 15khz to 31khz with its custom copper list?
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deleted the off topic and frankly racist, random rant - bippym

Ok ... as I told you earlier I had noticed a strange click, different than usual deriving from the blitter. In these new executables you can see what I was referring to. If you upload the intro from AGA everything works regularly, a few lines of code very light compared to the previous version, however it means being over the maximum limit of OCS / 68000, loading is still possible, sometimes the OCS cannot "see" the scroll bitplanes correctly, but a reset is enough ... The upper part of the font is "conditioned" by the resources of the chipset / cpu.
The mix in the previous version and the startup seems to be compatible with all the amiga floppy/workbech systems on which I have been able to test but, I don't have all the amiga machines and variants .. some of you can do a try? (just4homosapiens hetero intelligent males or 2 female coders maybe in the world !?) c u...


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Thread cleaned. No_body stop posting off topic random, and seemingly racist remarks (I'm unsure if it is racism at this point, I'll give you the benefit of doubt).

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Originally Posted by The Rules
A member will be removed from the EAB if they:
Post racist remarks
Post sexist remarks
Post homophobic remarks
Persistently troll specific users and/or projects
Personally attack other users
Have multiple accounts
Only posting in off-topic sections
Consistently derail topics
Are inactive in the forum
Bolded are rules you have broken. Seek help. Just not here.
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