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New Retrogaming Radio is out.


Insanely long show this month, featuring an interview with Ed Rotberg (think BATTLEZONE!), part three of the RGR INSIDER report on the Amiga computer (software and community is covered), and the editorial commentary featuring my rant on commercial emulation. Plus, we'll tell you about our Christmas prizes - to be given away this month!

I havent listened to it yet though.
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How has the retro-look on the Amiga been going thus far Big-byte? Hopefully better than some of the pc-kiddie rewrites of gaming history that are all too prevelant in the print & internet media.
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Shane is a miggy guy anyway. I think his Amiga coverage so far has been very accurate.
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The guy talks about APoV on the show too (at 1:16:45).
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to be honest I havent got round to listening to it as Ive been so busy today..

plus.. Ive listened to earlier radio shows and they tend to bore me rigid! so.. I was hoping some people would listen then divulge the best bits to save me the bother!
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Old 22 January 2004, 17:21   #6
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I've got to admit, I'm going off RGR. Shane really does amble on FAR too much these days and concentrates on the wrong things - listen to part three of the Amiga section and you'll know what I mean. LOADS of pre-amble and very little on the games themselves (and about 20 minutes of crap on how great Amiga "sceners" were - together with Shane's "shock" at first hearing a music demo his friend had put together, I think he spent about ten minutes on that), it IS called RetroGAMING Radio.

Also; when he was listing his fave Amiga Games and talking a little about what made each one great, when he got to Cannon Fodder he mentioned that it was by the same guys who made Sensi Soccer, which "he would come to later". When he DID get to Sensi he said "we've already discussed this" and moved on to the next game. NO, YOU DIDN'T! You mentioned it in passing, you waffling fool!

I used to like RGR when it was "leaner", but it's just too damned long-winded and self-indulgent now. I'd rather listen to my Grandad telling me about the war. Again.

Retro Gaming Radio? Retro Turgid Waffling more like.

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Originally posted by fiath
Shane is a miggy guy anyway. I think his Amiga coverage so far has been very accurate.

that same Shane guy like on the famous amigaemulation.com?
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