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Into the Wonderful
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Street Fighter III

So, now that CPS3 is emulated, what are everyone's thoughts on Street Fighter III?

I think Street Fighter III Third Strike is probably my favourite of the series - everything just seems to work so well, and playing it requires a good combination of skill and reflexes. I love playing with Ken and Hugo, and one day I want to learn how to play with Elena, Necro or Oro.

The one thing I don't like about Third Strike (apart from the voiceover, which you get used to) is the shared backgrounds. I thought this was abit lazy on behalf of the development team, as I think every character should have their own background. This is something that I like about Second Impact. I also feel Second Impact feels slightly faster. But then again, Second Impact looks and feels very "Capcomy" - for example, the almost midi style music, the cartoony characters in the background, etc. Third Strike does away with this and thus feels less like a Capcom game, and abit more grittier, which I like.

All Street Fighter games are great, but for me my favourites are:

1. Street Fighter III Third Strike
2. Street Fighter Alpha 3
3. Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition
4. Super Street Fighter 2: The new Challengers

Never played Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo X - any good?

Comments? Thoughts on Street Fighter III or Street Fighter in general?
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Zone Friend
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In my opinion, after the original Street Fighter 2, things got a little silly. The same thing happened to shootem-ups in the arcade where there was just TOO MUCH happening, and everything was way overdone!!.. Explosions that would fill the whole screen and weapons that made the atomic blast in Hiroshima look like a cap gun going off.. etc..

I got the same feeling after the new versions of Street Fighter came out.
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Global Caturator
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Blade002's post sums it up a bit, about how I too personally, feel about the SF series, but when it comes to having fun with friends, SF3rdStrike is *MIGHTY* fun!
... just below SSF2T (on Arcade)
SF2 Is on the 3rd place, as the 1st SF I've ever played - on me Amy dearest.
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The more shit going on, the better imo. I love fighting games with huge combos, giant laser shots filling the entire screen etc.
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The original Street Fighter II: The World Warrior is still one of my favourites due to all the tricks you can do with Guile

Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers is pretty cool as well and I do really love X-Men Vs. Street Fighter

TBH I'm not really that impressed with all the CPS3 games...

Neo-Geo fighters like Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, Last Blade, Samurai Shodown etc are awesome
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Graham Humphrey
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Not a big beat-em-up fan but I like Street Fighter Alpha 3 myself.
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How do you emulate this? Mame?
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I really like StreetFighter2 and SuperStreetFighter2Turbo. Street Fighter 3 (and 2ndImpact) are ok I guess, they're quite good. But I really don't like the Alpha-Series.

I guess my favourite Fighting games ATM are "KOF2002" and "SvC Chaos-SNK vs Capcom".

@tarr: MAME
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Old 13 August 2007, 21:18   #9
Super Hang-On King
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Originally Posted by Ironclaw View Post
The more shit going on, the better imo. I love fighting games with huge combos, giant laser shots filling the entire screen etc.
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Oh noes!
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I've been going back and forth between SFIII and SFA3.. and I really want to love SFIII. But it just doesn't stick.

The game flow and attack style is good. But the music, the **** commentaries, backgrounds and some of the character design is just crap compared to older SF.
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Originally Posted by CHook/OTT View Post
Games like Virtual Fighter, Tekken and Dead or Alive sucks... they are sooooo boring..... they are kids games.

I like games like Killer instinct, Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men Vs Street Fighter etc..

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Old 14 August 2007, 01:55   #12
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Tsk, Virtua Fighter is a very technical and deep fighting game. A very good one as well. Definately not a kids game... they would prefer Dead or Alive or Tekken. I like DoA though, great simple fun in two players.
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