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[Found: The Final Battle] isometric rpg?

this is a great forum a serious nostalgia trip... thanks...

i have rediscovered the names of most of the games i played on my Amiga back in the early 90s except for one isometric rpg... all i have to go on is the beginning part of the game where you come across the remains of a battle, smashed furniture etc, there may have been a time limit to get to this location, I think you may also have had to meet someone, anyway this then leads out into a wilderness section...

this game was not shadowlands, heroquest, cadaver or legend... or maybe it was one of those but it really does not ring a bell when i play them, none seems to start in this way...

please could someone give me an idea what this game was, any help would be much appreciated. sorry there is so little to go on, but it seems you have named a game on less info... impressive
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move.w #$4489,$dff07e
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Either of these?


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thanks for the reply.

its not heimdall

darkmere seems a closer match, but im sure 1994 is newer than the game i remember... how does is begin, does it have the situation i described above?
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Blade, Tower of Souls?
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thanks, but they are both far too new
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The Final Battle?
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Originally Posted by CodyJarrett View Post
Huh! Never seen that game. The graphics style reminds me very much of Ultima 8.
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Originally Posted by CodyJarrett View Post
did you coded it overnight? i never saw it... interesting!
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WOW... yes... I think that is it... The Final Battle... thank you very much.

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