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What game is this?

Cool section. Its just reminded me of this one game that i used to have for my amiga, you were some sort of superhero and i think he dealt with fire, ice, wind etc. It used to have the music Salt & Peppa - Push it, in it. Sorry about the vague explanation but i was only about 5
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I don't remember any game with Salt n Pepa having done the music...

But "Captain Planet" was a superhero with some sidekick dudes who used to shout earth, wind, water, something, something...

Might be Captain Planet?

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Captain Planet, he's our hero... gonna take polution down to zero... dum di dum..

Only text I remember from watching the cartoon 10+ years ago.

But who cares..... not me........ oh well, hot dog time.
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Thats it! The memories!

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