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Cannon fodder

Hi all,
first of all sorry for my bad english.

Ok here we go. I'm stuck in the phase 2 of mission 8 of cannon fodder 1 (the phase is called "bang bang you're dead).

I have to destroy all enemies and buildings, but the buildings can't be destroyed with granades and missile, so after hours of trying I went on the net and I found a walkthrough....it says I must use che BIG WEAPON......ok...BUT WHERE IS IT?!?!?!?!? I've killed all the enemies with bazooka, but still no big weapon. (there is a cross in the top of the screen, but nothing happens.....
please HELP ME!!!
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I think you have to take over the gun turret in the middle as far as I remember - just click on it to enter it - this was a really hard phase... for me anyway!
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Hello tsunami,

Welcome to EAB

Hmmm, this walkthrough is for the SNES version but as it says inside "should hold relevance on the Amiga, PC, Genesis, 3D0 and Jaguar versions". Hope it helps you
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I think peter is right......I always destroy that gun turret because I thought it was an enemy building ....now I HAVE to try!!!
Thanx peter and damien
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Good Luck... I nearly went mad on this bit.
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i nearly went god fast on this bit (3-4 minutes max) lool
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This phase caused problems when it first came out. If I remember rightly you can make a run for the turret after taking out the snipers, then everything else can be killed using the big gun. Just don't let the enemy get too close as you can blow yourself up. Once you've completed it you'll wonder why you had problems with it
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I still have nightmares about this stage - I loved the games but wasn't really very good at any of them TBA...

Point and click - where you had time to think was more me - I remember thinking that I was getting pretty good at Sensible Soccer at one point - I went round to a friends house once and it came up in conversation that he had an A600 - I begged him to set it up and have a game of SS - he had to blow the dust off the Amiga he hadn't used it for so long but he beat me 19 - 1 - I was in a state of shock for days.
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I love the game but its ROCK hard on later levels. I downloaded a version from planet emu with an invincibilty trainer on which was a dream come tru as i could finally play the game all the way through. Apart from the fact it crashes on level 29 i think. Does anyone know of a version with a trainer that works 100% and can be completed? its my all time ambition to finally finish this game but theres no chance as its too hard lol thanks for your help
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Graham Humphrey
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Mission 8 Phase 2 is a real pig....but the real killer is Mission 12 Phase 6! Took me an age to do that one I remember. Haven't played CF much since I completed it about 10 years ago, I feel like playing it again now...
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I remember "bang bang you're dead"... Never passed this mission iirc.

@ tsunami, do you have a save state of this mission?
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its lonely down there
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