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Angry The Vanishing Saves

I formatted a save disk, in order to use it on Cannon Fodder, because I saw my Flashback save states, even though I was playing Cannon Fodder at the time (does FS-UAE not have separate save slots for every game?). I successfully saved twice on the disk, but couldn't load the saves. Every time I tried loading my saves, I'd hear the usual Amiga floppy sound effects, then the background music would just carry one continuous note, while the screen messes up. I would either close the window, or reset Amiga from the FS-UAE overlay. I tried to load my saves a few more times, to no avail.

I checked my saves again, and they disappeared. My saves weren't there anymore, and the game couldn't recognize my save disk. At this point, I was feeling both frustrated and defeated. I called it quits, and decided to just play the CD32 version of Cannon Fodder, hoping that I could save on that. I saved my game, but when I tried to load it, all of a sudden, there wasn't a save to load. Now, I was pissed off.

I decided to just stop playing Cannon Fodder altogether, and just play some Flashback, but when I checked my save states in the overlay, all of them were missing. I went to the save directory, and the files were all there. FS-UAE and Amiga just couldn't find them, for whatever reason.

I'm new to Amiga emulation, so maybe I might've screwed something up, but I have no clue what it could be. I don't even know if it's my fault. What I do know, is that FS-UAE and Amiga aren't working with saves that exist, and the ones they did work with, that weren't save states, I couldn't load anyways. I wanna know what's wrong, and how I can fix this, because it's really getting on my nerves.

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I have the same problem. Sad to see you have no answer yet.

Seems like a real design flaw IMO
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OK, I have tested this a little bit.

I am using Cannon Fodder ADF (cr FLT, F load- save FLT - t +4 PDX) version which is recognized by FS-UAE Launcher.

Started game, played first mission through
From mainmenu, selected Save
Clicked FORMAT
switched SAVE DISK to drive
after format, saved game
Closed FS-UAE

Started FS-UAE again via fs-uae launcher with same configuration, and loaded game (inserted SAVE DISK when asked)
Worked perfectly

Are you using FS-UAE Launcher and automatically detected game configurations? If you use manual configurations, you must remember that by default FS-UAE does not ever write anything to original disk images, but uses overlay files instead (see https://fs-uae.net/floppy-images).

It basically means that overlay files are stored per configuration basis. If you save something to your own save disk, and then copy the adf file to another computer, or use same save disk with different configuation, it will not show previous saved data. Instead, all changes are saved under Documents/FS-UAE/Save States

If you are going to use manual configurations, it might be good idea to disable save game overlays (or enablw writable_floppy_images). However, if you are going to use FS-UAE Launcher automatic game profiles, you should not do that.
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