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Dualshock 4 key mapping


Just found this emulator and trying to get it to work on my windows tablet with Dualshock 4 (have them mounted together like a giant vita). When mounted like that I don't have easy access to a keyboard, so I want to map some of the unused DS4 buttons to PC keys and Amiga keys, but I'm having trouble getting it working.

I'm using DS4windows because that lets me use the DS4 touchpad as a mouse. It also lets me remap buttons as keyboard presses. So eg I have the options key set to be F12 to bring up the emulator controls. And the left analogue stick set to the cursie keys so I can navigate to save States etc).

But none of it is working in FS-UAE. I've tested it in notepad and it is pressing the correct keys.

I'be tried in FS-UAE selecting 'wireless 360 pad', 'wireless controller' and even 'keyboard' but still nothing.

Anyone got this working well with DS4windows and can share settings?
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I use my ds4 with fsuae and it is identified as 'xinput controller'
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For the ps3 I have an original sony clip-on keyboard for the sixaxis. It should also fit to the ps4 controller.
Are you aware of this fine piece of hardware?

Is the ps4´s touchpad usable as a mouse in windows?
This combination will absolutely rock! ´cause it´s mouse,keyboard and game controller (and in your case screen) in one piece!!
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I just read that the ps3 wireless keypad is compatible with the ps4 controller, with minor restrictions.
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Hi, it is important that the controller registers with Windows as a proper joystick device, mapping the joystick buttons to keys is probably not a good idea. If mapping to F12 does not work with the device, my guess is that the DS4windows software you are using injects the keypress at a "too high level". FS-UAE uses scancodes and not translated key codes for keyboard input, so it can properly map physical keyboard keys.

But also remember that FS-UAE has support for a "menu" joystick button, so you do not need to map to keys.

You should instead:
- Make sure your DS4 controller is registered by Windows as a joystick, with buttons and axes.
- In FS-UAE Launcher -> Settings -> Joystick, you should find the DS4 device in that list, double-click on it, and use the tool that appears to map each button. If this process does not work, the joystick will not work in FS-UAE either...
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