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My super simple cross development tool chain - build and run in 15 seconds

After being off the Amiga since the mid '90s, I decided to try coding on it again. I wanted to do my development on PC and test in WinUAE, and I didn't find any complete setups for this, so I put together what is (in my own opinion) a slick, foolproof tool chain that makes it easy to get started.

The steps are super simple:
1. download the package from . https://.com/files/1304660...oolChain_1.zip
2. copy kick13.rom, kick204.rom and kick30.rom into the WinUAE subfolder
3. run build.bat
4. run runa500.bat, runa500plus.bat or runa1200.bat

and voila, you have assembled a piece of code and have it running.

1. No weird configurations needed - it just works! The bat-files set their environments as needed, everything is using relative paths, and UAE is pre-configured for A500, A500Plus, and A1200.
2. Sample code uses a nice, system-friendly startup code (from Comrade J of SAE, with a few bugfixes to make it run a500, and properly check for pal/ntsc)
3. Sample code includes The Player 6.108 - the best music player out there.
4. Uses VBCC/VAsm/VLink, using Kusma's toolchain.
5. Shell demonstrates how C and asm-files can talk back and forth
6. Contains HowToCode7, which I restructured as a PDF-file, because I couldn't find a PDF online. (Direct Link to HowToCode7.pdf: https://.com/files/672015758/HowToCode7.pdf)
7. Contains a solution for Visual Studio 2010, if you (like me) like the interface - but it's not required

Please report ANY problems/issues/feedback in this thread, and I will try to accommodate before future builds

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Version 2 is out - lots of improvements - here are the largest

Starting protracker (2.3d, 3.15, 3.62) is now another one-click feature, as is the p61 converter tool
added a wav to raw conversion bat-file, so tracking should be easy for everyone
A4000_40 configuration
batch files work both with amigaforever and traditional roms
fixed configuration problem in setpaths
moved as many files out of the root folder as possible, to keep it cleaner

Startup Code
VBlank Interrupt added
Added flag to block multitasking (old-school mode), which also blocks blitter
added flag to disable cache (for self-modifying code)
Added an input handler to properly block input fallthrough

Get it here: https://.com/files/3850140...oolChain_2.zip
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Old 03 February 2012, 19:03   #3
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Man, I loved this. Found it on Pouet a couple of days ago.
It will prove very useful in my learning of Amiga programming that I want to embark upon this year.

Thank you so much.
It's a shame you are hosting this on services like , perhaps you want some hosting space? I could provide you with some, and also some little web space for a blog or whatever if you feel like it.
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Needs a life

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I'll give this a try - will save a little bit of messing around, so thank you!
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Old 04 February 2012, 06:29   #5
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@akira: thanks for the offer, but I am good, I just need to post it to scene.org. I was just waiting for the first 2-3 releases and the related bug reports and fixes before doing it
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This sounds really cool for me who don't know how to code but wants to learn. But I have a problem.

If I don't have Visual Studio, how do I or where do I or what do I start to be able to start coding?

This might be something that is obvious to most people or at least people who know how to code already. Or maybe I'm missing something obvious, like "you need to have another program to code in".

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Here is the final release (for now): https://.com/files/2789918...oolChain_3.zip

Major Changes:
Now works with winuae's built-in Aros rom. You don't even need kickstart anymore! Just click build.bat and runaros.bat to build and run your code.
3 major code fixes to fix my stupid errors when merging different startup codes together

Feel free to upload this to other sites. I tried to upload to various places, but aminet has corrupted the zipfile, scene.org still has the file in its' incoming directory, and untergrund.net has not approved my account request yet. My goal is that once I have a proper location for this, I will register a pouet.net prod, and that is where I invite everybody to write their comments/bugs/feature requests.
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Old 16 February 2012, 06:41   #8
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V4 is out - it can be found here: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=58703. Please post comments there
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Old 01 May 2012, 01:37   #9
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Thought I'd mention that I've been having a blast with this and that I really appreciate this tool chain!

I haven't tried the visual studio integration yet but have been getting on o.k with Notepad++ and assigning the batch files to shortcut keys within Notepad++

I've been learning ASM via this forum (Mostly from Blippym's diary thread) and this toolchain has made it simple to try out new bits of code without having to fire up WinUAE and wait for devpac to load. I really liked the inclusion of the startup routine which helped me get straight in and start coding without having to worry about the daunting task of writing my own.

Again really appreciate this :-D

I even used it to assemble and run the Bullfrog ASM tutorial published in Amiga Format.

~ Hypno
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"...without having to fire up WinUAE and wait for devpac to load."

Why not just save a UAE snapshot of everything, then you can almost instantly be ready to code?! Also why use devpac?
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Old 02 May 2012, 00:28   #11
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Haha good point R.E Devpac... well the hint was in my post where I said 'Bullfrog ASM tutorial' so you can probably gauge what level I'm at.

I'm still at the brain melting stage of learning and still having to stop myself from asking why exactly I'm putting myself through this ;-D
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Originally Posted by WayneK
Also why use devpac?
Originally Posted by hypnoshock
Haha good point R.E Devpac...
Errrr, no. It's not a good point re: Devpac. It's Wayne indulging in his usual bashing of my choice of assembler.
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Old 03 May 2012, 00:59   #13
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Ha.. sorry PMC, I thought that perhaps Devpac wasn't the tool of choice anymore and that it emphasised my noob status. I suppose as long as I'm not using SEKA we're alright right?

Look brothers, let's not fight amongST ourselves here.. surely if there were any bashing to be done it could be aimed at more worthy opponents.. Not saying who here... but clue in the sentence.. ahem ;-D (ahh the good ol' days)
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Personally, I am only using the included startup code in ASMPro on a real Amiga.

It includes some nice fixes and additions to the good old HowToCode7 StartUp code and works very well, in some respects better than others.

So although I don't use the cross-dev part of it, it's still much appreciated. Thanks a lot!
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Old 07 October 2012, 22:29   #15
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I just stumbled over this and couldn't believe how easy it was to set up. It'll help me a lot to get my old 90s-stuff working on my recently resurrected RTG-A4k.

The only bad aspect is, that it might reduce the A4k to a testing machine, since debugging on the PC is well....comfortable.

Thanks a lot!
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Old 19 February 2015, 13:06   #16
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no chances to have an update ?
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Old 20 February 2015, 03:28   #17
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is anything missing? I don't update unless there is a good reason
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Old 20 February 2015, 17:08   #18
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Holy crap, that's well impressive! I might have to learn Asm using this from now on instead of Devac 3 under WinUAE. Thank you very much! I've tried it in Visual Studio and it runs perfectly using the 'Local Windows Debugger' tool/icon. Wasn't expecting that. Really nice work. Is it possible to get colour coded keywords like in C/C++ code? For example have the comments in green and commands blue or something?
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What do you mean? Could you debug remotely, from inside VS symbolic debugger, the code running on the emulated Amiga?
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Old 21 February 2015, 02:25   #20
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As a matter of fact, I have set up syntax highlighting for myself (a fairly accurate solution), but have not packaged it up in a useful format yet.

No, no debugging inside visual studio - but hitting f5 launches winuae and launches the assembled program
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