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Lemon/EAB Super League 2020 - Round 5 - Cast Your Votes

EAB/Lemon Super League 2020 Round 5 Game Vote: OPEN ROUND
Starts: 00:01 March 15th Finishes: 23:59 March 28th


Full rules are here.

Vote for five games.

Your first choice gets 5 points, second 4 pts, third 3 pts, fourth 2 pts, fifth 1 pt.

Remember to choose games suitable for competition play. Edited votes will be discounted (unless told otherwise) so think before you post. Please only vote on one board - either EAB or Lemon.

If a game comes in ECS and AGA versions, please state your preference in your vote. In the event the versions differ gameplay-wise, the version with most votes will be played. ECS is the default if you don't specify.

Tactical or nosey voters can see the Lemon voting thread here.

This is the second Open Round of the season, meaning any game except for the previous season's ones can be voted for as long as it is suitable for competition play.

Voting is not allowed for games played in 2019:

2019 Season
R01: Indianapolis 500
R02: Jim Power
R03: Deluxe GalAGA
R03: Llamatron
R04: Shadow of the Beast
R05: Turrican 3
R06: B.C. Kid
R06: Fire Force
R07: Treasure Island Dizzy
R08: Shadow of the Beast II
R09: PGA European Tour
R10: Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
R10: Exile (AGA)
R11: Worthy
R12: Pro Tennis Tour II
R13: Celtic Heart
R13: Minskies Furballs
R14: Trap Runner

Anyone is welcome to vote, play and chat at any time. May voting commence...

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Bit late due to... general goings on.

Looks like a winner is already showing through on Lemon, so I'll counter to make things a little more interesting!

1. Warzone (Core Design)
2. Jaguar XJ220
3. Nick Faldo's Golf (yes!)
4. Banshee
5. Sensible Golf
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damn... I missed this thread... Thanks arcanist for your late vote .

1- the sentinel
2- fantastic dizzy
3- rygar (aga)
4- never mind
5- menace
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Here the results:

Winter Games 18**
Warzone 17*
Jaguar XJ220 14**
Banshee 9*
Chuck Rock 6
Captain Planet 5*
Formula One Grand Prix 5*
Lemmings 5*
The Sentinel 5*

(* denotes number of 1st place-votes)

Double (or even triple) voting power could still push Warzone or Jaguar XJ220 to the top next weekend but currently it looks like there will be some olympic games after all this year!
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