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How many games were made for Amiga?

All this excludes PD.

From HOL only, I ended up with 3814 to 6486 games, depending on what you count as "a game that you can play". In other words, at least one known physical or digital copy that it's documented that someone owns, or owned and reviewed. (That's just one of the many definitions...)

The 3814 minimum estimate should be relatively trouble-free, i.e. no variants, unpublished games and the like.

But are there different numbers, say from counting TOSEC games? Says something like 20000+, but that is counting each disk and alternate crack, and it would obviously have to be unique titles and exclude platform and language variants.

I'm sure someone sits on the answer and maybe asked before, but time for an updated number?

Cheers // Photon
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Unless you don't try to collect any Amiga game ever made you'll never know. With all the commercial, PD, shareware, freeware whatever Amiga games i could imagine 10000+, the 20000+ guess doesn't sound realistic.

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If you take all freeware and PD games, demos of unreleased games (still playable), I guess it is impossible to count. Not even sure all of those were preserved in any way. Or only commercial games?
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i think he intends only commercial games
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As "All this excludes PD" would suggest

Probably I mean games that were sold (for more than a Shareware fee). You know, like Giana Sisters, or Turrican, or Bombuzal. Games bundled with Amigas (i.e. not the normal boxed stuff with manuals) are included as well, but it seems unlikely that any of those had not been sold before.

Dumb question: Is the TOSEC list available in database/CSV format somewhere?
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Photon : I count 5149 commercial games from my own Amiga games list (from 1985 to 2016, for all Amiga flavors).

5149 without compilations but with unreleased games which have a playable demo/beta version.
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daff is right
there are around 5000 commercial amiga games which of course most of them are crap of course, you can rescue around 200
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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Dumb question: Is the TOSEC list available in database/CSV format somewhere?
On tosecdev.org, it is available in a structured format, albeit not CSV.

TOSEC is in fact just a list of hashes and filenames, nothing more.
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