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Are there any good ssh clients I could get working on my recently wifi enabled A1200? I wget:ed some openssh packages from aminet but smake really don't appreciate those makefiles.
Maybe thats the only way forward?

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there is a 3.0.2 from 2002 on www.chernoff.org/amiga/ (archive.org link)
for sure not secure anymore. and i did not test this on my own.

#1) version 3.9 on amiga.sf.net.
just another link, not tested and a bit old too.

#2) there was an updated version of amissl/openssl..
you may try to build a new openssh for amiga OS3 using those crosscompilers.

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If your server accepts SSH1 connections, AmTelnet is a great option. NapsaTerm SSH is the second best option IMHO.

If SSH2 is required, then you have to rely on some OpenSSH ports, which are somehow crippled because of Amiga shelll.
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A 68k implementation of MUICON (in combination with PowerTerm.mcc) would be more than welcome... guess it's MOS only unfortunately.
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If you're only using it on your local network maybe telnet would be a better choice? You could then use telser.device and your choice of terminal program or even 'newshell AUX:'.
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In local network SSH1 is just fine. I wouldn't hassle with telser.device and stuff, and with AmTelnet arrow keys etc work better than telnet/ssh clients in plain Amiga shell.

MUICON/RemoteShell is great on MorphOS for SSH2 and control keys etc, but not available for 3.x.
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Thanks, the servers are in my playground (at the office ) so not in local network. I'll wrestle some more with existing sources and see what happens.
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If you have at least 030 Amiga then you could try MacOS 7.6.1 Fusion/Shapeshifter emulator and run SSH2 from there.
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