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Game trainers for "The Settlers" & "T-Zer0"?

I'm stuck on one of the late levels of The Settlers (whdload version) and wondering if there's a trainer available anywhere?

I'm also looking for a trainer for T-Zer0 (real CD game) if there's any?

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I don't think there ever was a trainer for The Settlers. For T-Zero yours truly made a +39 trainer back when the game was released.
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Thanks guys.
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The game was fairly simple to hack with an action replay, just find the wood value address and the other items just follow, well thats what i remember from last time i did it 20 odd years ago
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the settlers level editor would allow you to edit save games to do some really cool things with resourses
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son of 68k
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Settlers AI does not attack if it is not sure to win the battle.
Arrange so that you control enough mountains for resources, defend yourself without leaving weak points, and build a powerful army.
It may take some patience, but this game does not need cheating to be finished.
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Some basic tactics are to place your castle fast but carfully. Get your geologist out as quick as possible and locate resources. Rotate your soldiers and keep making them and expanding the territory. Make sure your paths have alternative routes and have as many helpers moving stuff. Alway place a full circle of paths around your castle and build storage and other fortresses in key locations. Watch out for blocks on the paths and check that you are making enough of everything so that weapons are in constant supply so you can keep making more soldiers. I generally don't fight but aim to capture as much land by natural progression. Becoming stronger and stronger and having more resources really helps.

I do know the later levels auto place your castle and can make it a little tricky but the same rules apply. Always work from a position of strength and don't overstretch your zones without adequate protection. You really want to maintain healthy frontal armed facilities.

And make sure you have plenty of guys planting trees.... but when you have structured your buildings and laid down the paths. Check the stats and attend to shortfalls in manufactured process. Also as I said rotate your soldiers all the time and create new soldiers immediately you can. Remember that soldiers are tied into making weapons so it cycles back to resources and getting that geologist out into the mountains as quick as possible. The geologist is launched by the special click not the single click but the double. And you can send out as many as you like.
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Would you have any advice for level 22, the level I'm stuck on where you start off with limited starting resources and enclosed by rock with only a small portion of land to build on plus no trees around for a bit either?
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Level 22 OMNUS on my game and I just follow the same tactics. I start with a Guard Hut on the perimeter and a path that is as staright as possible linking to a tree planting cabin, lumberjack hut and a woodworking hut. I also got the quarryman hut on the go. As soon as my guard hut was populated I sent out the geologist and rotated my forces to train them and I was out of the small area and into my normal game. Resources are tricky, just have to get what you can and head to the areas where you can get more. Tree planting is very important and getting a barracks out on the front line to get those soldiers trained without clogging up the paths.

Keep an eye on the opposition and expand with a guard hut on the very edge of your areas and expand away from the baddies. But don't overstretch yourself. And wait for the mines till you have an economy working and some reasonable armed forces. You must send your soldiers for training frequently to improve their skills in combat. And don't fight until you have to. Just land grab. As your forces grow the opposition gets less. There is limited numbers in the game, so watch the graphs and always be ahead of the curve.

You start with a resonable amount of wood and there is stone on the edge of the area. Planting trees really will help and having the woodworker is essential.

I'm playing it now,,, and already have expanded quite a way.
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