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CD32 Analogic Floppy drive problems?

I picked up an analogic floppy drive a while back and I haven't been able to boot either games I've purchased for it. My CD32 itself works fine, booting CD32 games just fine. However, the two floppy disk games I own - Stardust (not super stardust) and Joe & Mac - won't let me play either.

Stardust will load the starwars style intro, but after that, the screen will go black and just hang there. The access light on the floppy drive turns off and it appears the unit is locked up until I hit reset.

With joe & mac, I can get a bit further. First it asks for the copy protection code, which I can enter. Then I get to the title screen, and I can access the options screen and make changes. However, the second I select "1-player game", the game loads like normal (with the same huge lines to indicate loading I see under WinUAE), and then black screen. Just when it seems like the game should start, I just get a black screen and it hangs.

Is this a problem because these are OCS/ECS games? Every review for the analogic floppy unit I've seen claims it's great for playing AGA games which weren't ported to the CD32 - so will it only run AGA games or something? Or is it a memory problem? The CD32 only has 2 mb of memory, and a chunk of that is taken up by the floppy drive unit itself.

I've got a few more games coming in the mail, one in particular is a big reason I picked up an amiga in the first place: Mr. Nutz. I'll be very bummed if I can't get the floppy to work with that game, even though it's available on the 350 game comp disk.

Anyone know what's up? Is my unit busted? Is there something I should try?
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Some dude over on LemonAmiga gave me a tip which got Joe & Mac running. Booted up the CD32, disabled CDU Cache, and set the chipset to ECS, and the game runs like normal now!

Still can't get stardust to work, though. Any tips? Maybe it's just not compatible?
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