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Lospec - Palette conversions for AMIGA

Hi Everyone,

I'm considering converting all the palettes from https://lospec.com/palette-list
to Amiga (eg to use in Dpaint, Brilliance or any other Amiga paint/animation)

At the moment I am considering doing it the slow way, manually modifying the palette colours after importing the reference png/iff file.

Anyone know if there are tools to convert palettes into Amiga format?
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I'm not sure what you mean by the slow way. Do you mean adjusting each palette entry after you've loaded it? Unless I'm missing something, you could easily load each of those images directly into e.g. Personal Paint, then save the IFF palette file directly. No modification of colours needed. If that's still too slow, it could be simplified to a macro with a little ARexx work.
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Palette conversion and adjusting can be a hassle. You can easily get a palette from a picture, but to get the colors in the exact order you want (for example, always from darkest shade to brightest shade of every color separately), can be very difficult to do.

Interestingly, when I took a screenshot of a C16 / Plus4 emulator and painstakingly created palette out of that, the converted picture looked awful on the real C16. But when I took someone's palette (that wasn't arranged the way I wanted), the converted picture looked pretty good.

So sometimes, even this kind of slow and tedious work can be for nothing, so be careful when converting palettes.. There's a SORT of palette-sorting (no pun intended) tool in ProMotion, but it's not always perfect.

Also, I learned a trick to do in Brilliance - if you convert between 'color amounts' (for example, from 256-color mode to 128-color mode), Brilliance sometimes rearranges the colors very nicely from darkest to brightest, and such. So sometimes you can get a good 'sorting' if you're lucky this way.

Daedalus, the modification and editing is needed because the colors are usually never in a 'nice, usable order', so you have to painstakingly recreate each color at its proper slot, or you have to somehow 'rearrange' the colors to be a useful palette.

A palette, where the right colors are in random order, is pretty useless, because you can't just use a slightly darker shade of some color unless you have some kind of computer eyes and can instantly pick it from between 254 other colors surrounding it (many of which are almost exactly the shade you want).

So I guess that's the thing you were missing..?

P.S. I attached a small collection of palettes I have, some are in Amiga IFF-format, some are in Brilliance PLT-format - I hope it helps. I added some GIF-format and one JPG-pic as well (sorry about that one, I know lossy is pretty much useless).
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