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Strange Gotek problem

Guys, got a strange problem, am using a gotek to install workbench onto an A4000D. Formatted a good quality usb stick fat32, and copied just the adf's, install ,workbench, locale etc onto it. The computer boots from the install disk (adf) and I can format the CF card and start the installation.

But when it asks for the workbench disk (adf) although I select it on the gotek, the installation does not see that the disk has changed. I reformatted the stick, re-copied the adf's but still the same.

I even tried a different gotek ( both are flash floppy btw, one V2.13 with oled and rotary switch, the other 2.14 oled with buttons. ). but still the same problem. If I boot from the install adf, and then select a different disk in workbench, I.S turn the dial, workbench does not see a disk change either.

So is it something really simple? something I missed? as I had previously done an install using the same gotek drive.
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How have you configured flashfloppy?
Paste the relevant bits of your FF.CFG here

Mine (OLED+Rotary) is as follows (all # lines removed for brevity)

interface = jc
host = unspecified
pin02 = auto
pin34 = auto
write-protect = no
side-select-glitch-filter = 0
track-change = instant
index-suppression = yes
head-settle-ms = 12
motor-delay = ignore
ejected-on-startup = no
image-on-startup = last
display-probe-ms = 3000
autoselect-file-secs = 2
autoselect-folder-secs = 2
folder-sort = always
sort-priority = folders
nav-mode = native
nav-loop = yes
twobutton-action = zero
rotary = full
indexed-prefix = "DSKA"
display-type = auto
oled-font = 6x13
oled-contrast = 143
display-off-secs = 60
display-on-activity = yes
display-scroll-rate = 200
display-scroll-pause = 2000
nav-scroll-rate = 80
nav-scroll-pause = 300
step-volume = 10
da-report-version = ""
extend-image = yes

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Didn't know you had to do this. last time it worked I just plugged it in. But saying that, there is a file called image.cfg with 18 bytes on the memory stick. On opening that with notepad, all it says is: Workbench3_1_4.adf

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They are optional, I was wondering if you'd missconfigured it instead. Maybe on the DSKCHNG line (which is one that can be configured).


image.cfg - I believe that is the last image to load.

Have you got a working original floppy drive and some disks to rule out hardware issues with the A4000?
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Problem solved, turns out I needed to use the floppy connector BEFORE the one with the twist in the cable. Done this, and everything is working correctly. Thanks For the help :-)
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