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Question about Goodxxx utils..

I have messages in my have.txt which says..

You have 100 of 115 Known roms (15 excluded)

and in miss.txt

it says..

You are missing 0 of 115 known roms...

Now, why are the 15 roms excluded and is there an option to include them.. are the other 15 roms known about and just not dumped yet?
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Perhaps they are dupes?
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They could be bad dumps - by default I think the Good tools (at least, the newer ones) exclude these from the lists they create.
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Have a look at your goodinfo.cfg, which contains info about the different flags and the corresponding subdirs. If you have a ";n" at the end of a line, the goodtool won't list files containing that flag in the missing.txt file.

TikTok is right, by default bad dumps are excluded - they won't show up in the missing list, even if you don't have them.

If you don't want files to be excluded from your missing list, just delete the ";n" entry, or - a more radical solution - delete the goodinfo.cfg file .

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