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Gamebase / Whdrun


I'm trying to get Gamebase Amiga 2.x to work with WinUAE 4.4 and WHDload titles.

WHDRun wants five arguments, first one is: <gamepack.zip>

Problem is, instead of the zip file, Gamebase gives WHDRun the .slave file.

Excerp from Gemus.log:
    Arg strGamePathFile_in: [D:\Emulatoren\Amiga\Gamebase Amiga\Extras\WHDLoad\A\AddamsFamily_v1.3_0419.zip]

    Runnable file determined [c:\Windows\Temp\0\AddamsFamily\AddamsFamily.Slave]

    43 Run_Program(%dbpath%\whdrun.exe||%gamepathfile% %gbgamepath%\rezip\%gamefilenoext%/ "%emupath%\winuae.exe" "%dbpath%\WHDLoad.uae" "%dbpath%\WHD\s\user-startup"||nowait)
        Determined program to run to be [d:\emulatoren\GameBase\Amiga 2.3\whdrun.exe]
        Changed directory to [d:\emulatoren\GameBase\Amiga 2.3]
        Running program [d:\emulatoren\GameBase\Amiga 2.3\whdrun.exe] with command line arguments [c:\windows\temp\0\addamsfamily\addamsfamily.slave c:\Windows\Temp\rezip\addamsfamily/ "C:\Program Files\WinUAE\winuae.exe" "d:\emulatoren\GameBase\Amiga 2.3\WHDLoad.uae" "d:\emulatoren\GameBase\Amiga 2.3\WHD\s\user-startup"]
First line: GamePathFile is still correct: [...].zip
Then Gemus finds the slave file and seems to change %gamepathfile% to the .slave file. Because when it starts to run WHDRun with
it runs
whdrun.exe c:\windows\temp\0\addamsfamily\addamsfamily.slave
instead of the zip file.

I'm using the original 2.0 scripts and only fixed the typo (%dbpath\whd missing the closing %).

Any idea how to get that running?

Thanks and best regards,
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I'm really not sure why that is happening to you. I've just fired up GB Amiga, fixed a few of my paths and ran Addams Family WHDLoad and it worked first time. Looking at your log file (and trying to remember from years ago), I think you may have changed the file types in the emulator settings (possibly when trying to get it to work with lha's). The only file type that should be listed in there is .zip. If you've listed .slave then the whole thing will give the error you have above.
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You're right, i added slave to supported file types. Because if i don't, all WHDLoad extras show this error:
No runnable files found in archive matching configured file types
Holy moly. Adding file type "zip" worked!

Thank you very much!
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