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Originally Posted by dirkies View Post
darn, hit the daily 5GB limit the other day, now the files seem gone and still missing 3 parts Did some idiot share the links in public?

Can someone PM me with links to parts 5, 12 & 13? Otherwise my whole download is worthless
I'm still downloading, so it seems up (I'm at part 11)
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ah, so maybe my links expired then. Will ask Damien for 3 new ones then. Thanks for the heads up!
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Hey DamienD, lots people are a little bit upset by all this, regards to that one member **** everyone else over. How about uploading to a torrent and then passwording the files? So people still need to contact you for the password
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Someone sent me a PM with a good point that I need to clarify:

When I try to decompress them a fatal error appears: 'file damaged or in unknown format'!
The files are not damaged, I used the latest version of WinRAR to compress / split.

You need v5.50 from here: https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
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Old 24 January 2018, 11:21   #165
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As usual I've missed this party (i should stop working too hard :-p). Thanks @DamienD for your hard work and your contribution to the Amiga Community. Please let us know in case you will setup a private torrent if there are costs involved. PayPal is our friend
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Only just heard about this project myself, looks like I missed out too it would seem.

still good work.
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Old 24 January 2018, 13:42   #167
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If you plan to do a re-release, let me know if I can help; mirror, seed - whatever. I'd like to help out. I would have PMed - but you're still full
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DamienD, this is truly amazing! wow, what a labour of love.

Something to be very proud of indeed.
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Oh no, like the last few messages. Tried messagign and your full. Hope this can be put up somewhere , somehow. AS your full , thought i would still send my message, but here. Hope it doesnt bore anyone

Hi there DamienD

i dont want to seem cheeky, having only just signed up to the forums, but would it be possible to have a link for this amazing collection you have made (i 100% promise i will make a post concerning my thoughts after downloading and trying it out)

Have been over the last year and a bit deciding to get a retro emulation system up and running, i feel personally that my girls (ones 2 in march the others almost 6) when they get into gaming, need to.. na! must experience the old games.

On that basis the HTPC we have set up is gradually becoming a retro arcade (the 6 year old is loving it so far). But out of all the systems the one dearest to my heart was / is the Amiga.

I first got to try one as a kid an A500 of my uncles, then was determined i would get one, dear ole mum said i could have one if i saved up!... she eventually gave in when i had managed to save i think, what, about 1/10 the cost of the 500+ cartoon classics cost

Any way i could go on for ages about my memories of the beautiful machines and how sad i was to loose them eventually to failure and damage during house moves blah blah..

I heard about this, and yourself via the Google Now launchers news feed, my interest in Amiga and of emulation over the last years google searching i guess sent it my way, and i am glad it did.

Any ways. Hope i will hear from you.

Very kindest Regards
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Hi Damien amazing you have past many time for the work with it

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Old 24 January 2018, 17:16   #171
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Great work Damien! I've been looking forward to something like this for ages! Maybe it's time to recover my original A1200 from the attic rather than emulating it!

While I've been visiting abime from time to time around 10 years now, you just gave me reason to register an account!
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So many new users! Never seen anything like it. But then, not everyone knows that EAB is the best place! Maybe they can contribute with something!?

And DamienD, thank you for your huge effort and the generosity. It works great! Also sry to see that someone did not listen to your wish about not spreading it ;(
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Originally Posted by 1time View Post
So many new users! Never seen anything like it.
Indie Retro News + DamienD = EXPLOSION

In truth though I have only done this for a friend and not EAB, because... Reasons
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Everyone who shudders from the word "contribute" should understand; if you find something on EAB like this collection here, come back, write a review, tell everyone what you played and how it was. If you change a config, share that too and why you made said change. Get interactive, be a part of the community; live, learn, share, have fun....

Every contribution counts even if you're just here for the games.

Click around, explore....
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Old 24 January 2018, 18:22   #175
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Thanks DamienD!
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DamienD, thank you very much!
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Hi again.

Thank you so much DamienD.

So i have had a few hours playing now since finishing downloading, and setting it up, and.. it is as advertised, as yet have not found a title that doesn't , "just work".

Found many of the games i used to love playing, also found ones i had played extensively but have somehow over time forgot about (age i guess lol) Team Yankee. loved that game... need to find Team Yankee two now !!

Need to dig out the joypads i have somewhere in a box under the stairs now (recent house move) so the little ones can enjoy Fire and Ice, morph, an um, um... to many choices

Amazing work to have all this set up, with screenshots, machine settings etc etc..

So yes, with this making the news feeds, i can see why so many new people , me included have arrived here. I plan to stick around (when i get time of course, between work, house work, kids, life in general )

cant say thanks enough...
Old 24 January 2018, 19:39   #178
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Thank you for taking to time to post feedback Billwin

Originally Posted by Billwin View Post
Found many of the games i used to love playing, also found ones i had played extensively but have somehow over time forgot about (age i guess lol) Team Yankee. loved that game... need to find Team Yankee two now !!
Pacific Islands

...and then the third in the series: War in the Gulf
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Old 24 January 2018, 22:16   #179
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Oh Boy, where do I start ?
I've tested it on Win7 SP1 but since the OS was re-installed recently it required the platform update (KB2670838) which is roughly 11 MB.

The installation (extract + setup) took me around 5 minutes and is virtual impossible to make a mistake since there is the batch file.

Now, on the first run you're blown away by the nice screenshots and that only is a fantastic job.

Then of course you see the list of games but the majority of us have already those games in many different formats. So what makes this project unique ?

Well it is damn organized and pleasing to the eye from any point of view: The proper case for naming the files, the selection of the best version of each game and last but not least most of the games folders have extra content such walkthrough, cheats, etc etc.

This is @DamienD personal project but it really deserve to be preserved in the amiga community. Thanks again for sharing it with us, very well done.

P.s. The first one I've tried was Yolanda, guess Steve Bak's games are my guilty pleasure
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