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[bug] FS-UAE-Launcher fails with files that include special characters


First I have to say that I'm not an Amiga guy. I never owned one so I don't know much about it. I just got an Amiga Forever 2013 Value Edition though and since I am a Linux guy I wanted to play the games on Linux, not on Windows.

I successfully managed to get the ROMs from the Windows installation, and a lot of .rp9 files that are supposted to include the games. (They are simple ZIP files, so you can actually see the floppy images inside.)

My system specs first:
Plattform: AMD64 BIOS-PC
OS: Gentoo Linux
Kernel: Linux 3.12.2-gentoo #1 SMP Sun Dec 1 14:47:06 CET 2013 x86_64 AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1090T Processor AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux
FS-UAE directory: $HOME/FS-UAE
Amiga Forever 2013 Value Edition files: $HOME/FS-UAE/Amiga Forever/Games

So, I managed to get FS-UAE and FS-UAE-Launcher version 2.2.3 installed.

I created a new configuration for every one of the .rp9 games. They were saved to my FS-UAE directory inside "Configurations".
All of them worked, but one failed:
Indigo (Stéphane Belin, 2005, Amiga).fs-uae

The interesting part is that the floppy image is (after adding) shown in the Launcher. I named the configuration exactly as the file name is, but without .rp9. When I hit the save icon, nothing changes. It is NOT listed.

I then looked into $HOME/FS-UAE/Configuration and found that the file was saved nevertheless. BUT it misses the floppy_drive_0 variable. It just has the header and the [fs-uae] statement, that's it.

So, I manually added this line to it:
floppy_drive_0 = $BASE/Amiga Forever/Games/Indigo (Stéphane Belin, 2005, Amiga).rp9

Now, after starting the Launcher again, the game is listed correctly with its name, but when I click on it, this happens:
Configuration: Unknown Configuration
Floppy Drives: <empty>

I figure it is the é letter that causes it. On the plus side it didn't crash.

Is this a bug?

UPDATE: I changed the file name of the .rp9 file to "Indigo (Stephane Belin, 2005, Amiga).rp9" (without the é) and now it works. The .fs-uae configuration file still has the é in it and so it is shown in the list. It works now. I guess this confirms the bug.

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Hi, I could reproduce more or less the same in the latest development version (did not try 2.2.3). There was a bug where the read strings where not decoded into unicode objects when loading the config (and vice-versa when saving), so it only worked when config values contained ASCII.

FS-UAE 2.3.12dev will include the fix, thanks for reporting
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