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[Found: Metal Mutant] Looking for a Side-Scrolling Robot Game

Hello everyone,

I think i already searched all over the Internet for a Game i played on the Amiga when i was still very young.
Unfortunately i forgot the name of the game , couldn't even read by the time i played it.

What i defenitely remember is, that the game was a Side-Scroller in wich you controlled a Robot that could transform between 3 different forms for any kind of situation.

There was a Dinosaur-like looking one that could bite the Enemy and was suppossed to be the close combat Type i guess.
Then there was some kind of Anti-air Robotform with Tracks and Armcannons to shoot down flying Enemys.
And there was also the third Form wich was some kind of Jumper with pretty long Legs to jump above Obstacles that couldn't be overcome in other ways.

I also remember that the Game had a pretty dark themed Intro that burned into my mind with its bassy Tune.
There was no Background Music when playing the Game, only the Sound Effects and the Levels i played through, took place in a Jungle or swamp from what i can remember. Can't be too far from the beginning because i su**ed at gaming by this time.

I hope i could provide you with enough information, its all i can remember for now.
Please help me guys.

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Metal Mutant http://hol.abime.net/2456/screenshot
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thanks for the fast reply.
i knew this was the right adress to find my Game, thank you very much!
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It was my first game i played, silmaris made such
Great games, the astmosphère is unique and
3 kind of gameplay in One ! I love this game, so
Hard to ! I must finish It lol !
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Welcome to the forum fekt
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