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Help installing OWB on classic


I'm using UAE and 3.1 on 68020; I've tried to install a descent web browser, and I found the archive "OWB_m68k_1.6.lha"; although when I run owb from the shell I get this error: "owb failed returncode 10".

Do you know what I could be doing wrong? Or perhaps you could point me to another browser (that can render javascript and use ssl).

Thank you
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spare your time, this isnt decent browser by any means only a half a**ed attempt. neither could nor was ever meant to run properly.

if you want semi decent browser download netsurf 68k from aminet or aros with contributions including aros owb. both should be usable under uae.

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Netsurf 68k even runs (a bit slow by today's standards to display pages, but perfectly usable) on a 66Mhz 060.

I could load Facebook mobile page could use chat function. (I had to reload each time to see if there was a reply to my messages though :P and I had to use my phone or PC to save the browser as trusted since I couldn't do it using Netsurf)

The ppc version using OS4.1 is much faster to load pages (but slower to scroll) but I run out of my 128mb memory really quickly.
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I did try to install it, but being fairly new to AmigaOS I'm not quite sure how to proceed; I did uncompress the lha archive in a directory, but how should I go about being able to run it? A quick help would be really appreciated.

Thank you.
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for netsurf you need ixemul and ixnet libraries. i dont know if they are currently included. get them here:
and put them in your libs: directory.

also you need to
assign netsurf: "put here the path where you decompressed it"
like for instance:
assign netsurf: work:netsurf
you can put the above line into your user-startup to have the assign ready at boot.
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Thank you Wawa, I'm *almost* there.

I did install ixemul_63.1_m68k from the link you had provided, and, upon opening a "shell" I confirm I have tab completion and other fancy things that weren't there before. I did the "Assign" command, as aforementioned; but upon starting NetSurf; I get the message "Need at least version 63 of ixemul.library". Surprising as I have installed 63.1.

Not sure what to make of this.

EDIT: I had not installed it properly, I have redone this now and ixemul is now properly installed.
When I start NetSurfAGA; it displays "insert disk amiTCP"; what is surprising is that AWEB.1 runs fine (and can connect to the internet) which makes me think amiTCP is already installed, no?

I have found on some forum that one needs bsdsockets or some identical library under linux/e-uae and not amiTCP; I confirm that bsdsocket is enabled in e-uae's configuration; although this doesn't seem to resolve the issue with Netsurf not being able to connect to the network.

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Looks like the version I have of NetSurf for m68k doesn't run under e-uae (with bsdsocket) because of a dependency on AmiTCP (which wouldn't work under e-uae); is there a known workaround?
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yes, this amitcp dependence is rubbish, its somewhere in the resources/config files, you can edit it (out?) but i have forgotten where.
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Old 13 December 2014, 14:19   #9
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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
yes, this amitcp dependence is rubbish, its somewhere in the resources/config files, you can edit it (out?) but i have forgotten where.
Do you mean in the file "Assigns"?

It looks disabled by default:
;TCP: is needed for getvideo
;Uncomment first mount if you have AmiTCP installed, second otherwise.
;If you use MiamiDX TCP: should be mounted already.

;Mount TCP: from AmiTCP:devs/Inet-Mountlist
;Mount TCP: from L/Inet-Handler

I can't seem to find another reference for AmiTCP, nothing seems to be configurable in Ressources; unless I'm missing a file.
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NetSurf needs AmiTCP:libs/usergroup.library and optionally
AmiTCP:devs/Inet-Mountlist file for GetVideo.

usergroup.library is incuded with NS. Assign AmiTCP: to NetSurf: to fix.
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