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Thumbs up WinUAE 0.9.92 "WinUAE 1.0 public beta #3" Released!

Final beta before 1.0 (?)

Bug fixes:

- Regular HDF TD_GEOMETRY returned incorrect data. (caused some
larger HDF's fail to mount, 0.9.91 only)
- Filesystem bug fix (0.9.90-91), files with Windows
System or Hidden -flag set didn't open properly in all cases.
- Stardust starwars-scroller in cycle-exact mode.
- SuperStardust AGA tunnel-section and Superfrog intro bee flashing
plus other sprite emulation fixes.
- Random disk formatting verify errors when using non-turbo mode
(was broken couple of releases ago)
- Display corruption/crashes if display width was larger than 1024
and display depth was 32bit (only native display mode, Picasso96
was unaffected)
- Windowed mode window close button didn't work if "Use CTRL+F11
to quit" was enabled
- input-panel autofire yes/no-selection
- AVIOutput video recording bug in interlaced modes

New features:

- Filesystem emulation now uses NTFS named streams to store Amiga
FS protection flags and comment instead of __UAEFSDB.__-files.
(non-NTFS drives still use old method)
- Postscript printer emulation using Ghostscript. All Windows
supported printers work. Amiga-side only needs standard Amiga
Postscript printer driver.
- Automatic print job flush after user configurable timeout.
- Improved hardfile creation, filesystem selection (OFS/FFS/SFS) etc..
- Disk swapper key shortcuts. (both GUI and in emulation)
- GUI drag'n'drop. (no more ugly up/down arrows)
- screenshots are now named <name of disk image>_xxx.bmp
- user configurable emulation speed adjustment from 5 to 100 fps
- rar and 7zip -archive support (using archiveaccess.dll)
- some custom chipset emulation improvements here and there.
- improved drive click sound emulation (requires separately downloadable
sample package)
- X-Arcade build-in key mappings
- onscreen disk and HD leds flash red while writing
- "Always on top"-windowed mode setting

Download from: http://www.winuae.net/

Thanks Toni, I've had a look and there's some great new featues

At the moment it only seems to be on b2tr FTP but I imagine homepage update is coming soon....

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Incredible! It gets better and better with every realese

One suggestion:
Could the language selection tab/button be added?
I'm having the "default", "German" and "Polish" translation files and i could only see texts in english... or more probably - i'm missing something?
Does it recognize my systems default language?

One question:
If i choose the following:
"Host/Output/Ripper/Save Screenshot" it saves to the proper path:
[E:\Emulacja\Commodore\Amiga\Programy\WinUAE-0.9.92\Screenshots\] in my case.

But where does it save if i choose:
"Host/Output/Ripper/ProWizard" and it finds:

[ Module/packer found ]
[ Protracker module ]
[ Do you want to save it? ]
[ Yes ] [ No ] [ Cancel ]

I press [Yes] and it just says:

[ Scan Finished ]
[ OK ]

...i press the button, and... nothing...
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