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Question about whdload file terminology

im going through my directorys of whdload games trying to save disk space.
theres a lot of duplicate games with varying labels at the end of them.
i dont know which ones i should keep and which ones can get deleted.
can anyone shed some light on the following?

a game that has 'fast' or 'chip' at the end
games that have 1mb or 2mb listed. (which to keep on a1200?)
NTSC games (can i even play them on a pal amiga??)
CDTV games??? (did the cdtv even come out on amiga?)
a game that has 512k after it
games that have '1 disk' or '2 disk' after them

several games that have one directory with 'images' and another the same folder name with 'files' etc. are both needed?

if a game has aga after it, i should keep that instead of the non aga version? (to save space)

what about cd32? is 8mb enough ram to run them all the time?

im using a standard a1200 with a 8mb fast ram expansion.
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all games should run on a A1200/8MB.

Some slaves have 512k to be able to run on 512k chip only, possibly with limitations. Not interesting for you.

Some games come in various versions. Example: Xenon 2 had 6 versions. Some have an intro, some don't. The tough part is figuring out which one is the best / less buggy

NTSC games can be run on PAL amigas with NTSC tooltype (else, possible timing errors). Sometimes can be interesting because games are different: ex: Magic Pockets NTSC has level codes.

CDTV games are CDTV versions of the game. There are CDTV-only games (no other version) but when you have a CDTV & an ECS version, they're probably identical (ex: Turrican 1 and 2)

Various versions were collected mainly because people had the original disks and we tried to support the maximum of original versions.
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thanks for that

i will certainly start deleting any duplicates with 512k.

i guess for 1mb/2mb games i keep the 2mb variant because 1200 has 2mb chip?

i noticed some of my whdload games eg.hybris only has an ntsc version.
im pretty sure i had a pal boxed copy back in the day. any reason for that?

files were grabbed from the retroplay ftp/archive. (just 3 big zip files)
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Hybris actually has both, PAL and NTSC, on disk.

Notes: The disk contains the NTSC- and PAL-version. I recommend playing
the PAL-version, its easier and has a bigger screen to maneuvre.
The NTSC-version is just that senseless hard like other 08/15-
Once you used the cheatmode the game wont save highscores this
run-time anymore.
The imager is a bit slow, so be patient.
There were reported still problems with the NTSC-version. Just play
the PAL version meanwhile.
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