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Super League 2021 Completed

The 14th season of the Super League comes to a close.

Congratulations to our 2021 champion - john4p. The first player to win the championship 5 times. He also tops the tables for all three medals and basically has all the records now. Start referring to him as God Emperor of the Super League.

1st - 206 john4p
2nd - 199 Biscuit
3rd - 184 Mitch J Frenzal

Ignore the guy in second place, he had a lucky year. In third place we have newcomer Mitch J Frenzal, who clearly has experience with high scores and a lot of retro knowledge. It's been great to have Mitch and all the other new players join us. As you can see by the spread of medals shared out this year, there have been lots of big scorers putting pressure on the championship leaders.

aca0808, ALESTES, bigshark, capehorn, el_pasi, fgh, Girolamo85, Harry, jPV, kokoriko, lifeschool, LinesMachine, Per-Ola Eriksson, SQron and Stevengton all won at least one podium medal this year. Also, here's a new stat of interest, over the year we had 69 game completions.

I'd like to give my thanks to lifeschool and john4p for their support running the competition.

Even more importantly thank you to everyone that played in this season. Even if it was only for one round. Having a mix of new, old, and regular players makes this fun. More scores, more discoveries, more videos, more silly chat, all because of contributions from players of all skill levels.

It hasn't just been a record breaking year for john4p. The overall amount of activity this year has been exciting to see. 48 different players took part, which is the most since 2013. The average number of players per game was 19.6 - the highest we've ever had. Including the round 4 game Banshee being the most popular of all time with 26 players.

The hall of fame has been updated with this years data. If you're hungry for stats, check it out.

And take a quick look back at what we played this year.

[ Show youtube player ]

I think this season has gone really well. I have no desire to rock the boat with any big changes. The one thing that could do with a tweak is a couple of the themed rounds. I only ever intended to do the Franchise round once. Also, Back Catalogue was okay but a little unpredictable and a lot of work to do. So I'd like to change them to these.

Round 3 - Alphabet. Bringing back the alphabet round and pick up from where we were (13 letters done I think). The winner of round 1 gets to choose the letter from what's available.

Round 7 - Never Been Played. Over time more games are getting replayed every year. This will help guarantee something a little different. There's a couple of ways the vote can be done. I would like to try this. Take all of the games that were voted for in the previous normal vote (round 6) that have never been played in the league before. Make those games a voting pool to choose from. So the way to get a game into the vote for round 7 is to vote for it in round 6. Based on the voting from this year, it would have given us a pool of 34 games.

If anyone is keen to see a particular themed round included or excluded, this is the time to mention it (malko made a suggestion on EAB recently). Any ideas with enough popular support can be arranged before the end of the year. Any other feedback is also appreciated.

Whatever happens, I think 2022 may have an even better mix of games. Can't wait.

In the meantime, let's enjoy the knockout. Good luck getting into the top 8. Even if you don't make it, there will also be a surprise quick game to play alongside the PvP rounds. Look out for that.

Lastly for a bit of fun. If we exclude the games played this year and imagine all the runner up games from the voting threads were played instead. This is what an alternate dimension season could have looked like. What do you think? Maybe we'll see some of these next year.

R01 Magic Pockets
R02 Ruff 'n' Tumble
R03 Alien Breed: Tower Assault
R04 Syndicate
R05 Rick Dangerous II
R05 Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road
R06 Buggy Boy
R07 Gemini Wing
R08 Bubble Bobble
R09 Boulder Däsh
R09 Bob's Garden
R10 James Pond: Underwater Agent
R11 Leander
R12 Links: The Challenge of Golf
R13 Vaxine
R13 Apprentice
R14 Fury of the Furries
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Thanks biscuit for all the work. It was indeed lots of fun, and it could be even better if we played the runner ups instead
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Baked Produce

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I'd be more than happy with that alternate season. I think we'll get an interesting mix next year. I just rolled dice for the 2022 magazine round. It's gonna be different.
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