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Hacking/Phreaking Apps?


I recently stumbled across your forums, and must admit that my amiga dedication until recently was that I had an A500 for about year, and then an a1200 that never even got hooked up to a monitor before I ebayed it. I am getting into emulators lately though, and have a feeling I will become a fair amiga freak as I get into it.

The reason for my post though, is that I have built a forum systems (http://www.8bitunderground.com) for the purpose of compiling, documenting, and sharing the various hacking/phreaking apps for all 8 and 16 bit platforms (atari8/atarist/c64128/amiga/appleii/2gs/etc..).

I have found a few apps - white box, hellhacker, and one or two others - and have found the NAMES of several others as well, but as with the atari8/ST side of things I am finding VERY little actual programs for the Amiga in regards to this topic.

I realize my interest is quite narrow - and while most of you might have wardialed or blueboxed at one time you probably didn't hold on to the programs you used to do it for nostalgia sake - but I'm hoping that if I get the word out to enough people that I might be able to pick up a few extras hidden in disk cases in a closet or something.

You can reply to me here as I plan on being active on these forums, or you can email me at lucidphreak AT live DOT com.

Thanks for having me here - and I look forward to talking to some of you or seeing you on my forums.

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Hello lucidphreak!

Where have you searched so far? I'm suer everyone will have a few sites to go to, I will email you a couple I find handy (you may already have searched these). Happy hunting!
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This also interests me. I will hunt through my disk collection as time permits.

For some time, I have been setting up an old school (telnet) BBS with old hacking/phreaking docs and (some) tools. At it's current rate of progress tho, technology will have imploded on itself and the Amiga will be back at the forefront of computer technology.

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hey PWLM - I never got that email from you?

ANDEC - nice to see you on the forums.. Also very cool that you're running a true bbs. Let me know when it goes up for public consumption, I would love to check it out.
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@lucidphreak: Will do. Could be a while tho. Family and work commitments tend to interfere with my retro computing a fair bit
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Phreaking Only #1 and #4 for Amiga

Phreaking Only #1 and #4 for Amiga uploaded to The Zone! It's a fault in the StartUp-Sequence on #4, need's also Kickstart 2. PPShow fails with errorcode 20. Please check and correct it.
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I used to collect disks like this for the Amiga back in the 1990's, however all of my disks are completely lost during x amount of moves. I do remember a series of disks I liked called Phun With Phones that had both docs and some tools on them but I have not been able to find them on any BBS since.
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Underground Hacking/Phreaking Apps?

greets to all of you and mods thank you for running this forum.

i've been here before but i guess the time between logins caused my account to nuke.

i'm working on a project that catalogs the following applications for ALL 8/16 bit platforms, with an
emphasis on commodore/atari/apple.

the project is called 8-bit underground and i am seeking applications such as the following:

hacking/phreaking apps such as wardialers, box tone generators and dialers, code scanners, etc.
non-mainstream bbs software that was written for the "elite" scene - i.e. a warez group who wrote or did a
modded version of a bbs software just to be used within the group.
non mainstream comms applications - for instance a disk communicator that was written by a warez group.
any other applications written for amiga (or the others listed above) that utilizes the modem and was
written for "underground" purposes.
I already received a pretty good response the first time I was here, but now am moving full force forward
with the project and wanted to rebroadcast what I am doing and ask for help in the way of pointing me to
scene archives where stuff like this might lurk.

here is a list of what i have so far amiga wise:

white box by quasar and liberty
phone man wardialer by keith kasey (yes, for the amiga)
Since the Amiga was a pretty huge "scene" machine, and heavilly used in places like Germany where the
phreaking scene was almost commonplace, I can feel certain that there are a gob of other apps out there of
this type - I just havent stumbled into the right person or found the right archive yet.

I've also already found some file lists from this forum where I've found a few things such as "senser.lzh"
which was described as a "mini bbs with zmodem". I find no other mention of that software via google, or via
the BBS Documentary site, so now its on my list to find.

I know a lot of you may be here for gaming, and this endeavor may seem like a waste of time. For me though,
and I'm sure for others - these apps are what we lived for back in the day and regardless of whether one
did everything we needed, we collected as many as we could for the pure artistic value.

My goal is to provide a place where people like us can come and discuss those apps, download them, and view
screenshot galleries of them in their full glory.

With that said - any help you guys could possibly provide would be very much appreciated. I will be listing
this site on my "thanks" page on the blog.

http://www.8bitunderground.com - the forums.
http://blog.8bitunderground.com - the blog.
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Send a message via ICQ to BuZz
I've probably got a copy of arrested dialer workshop somewhere. Very handy program back in the day.
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any help would be appreciated.. i've also added that app to my "wanted list"..

thanks for your reply!
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Bumping the old thread should have been enough I guess : http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=42757
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my initial search didnt find the original thread as thats what i intended to do..

i dont guess it really hurts anything though considering the original was in march?

cyber druid, with you being in germany and helpful links to underground amiga stuff from you?
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Sorry, I have no idea where to find those apps. Have you got the two apps ma693541 uploaded last time?
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i found "Hells Hacker. v4.1 & v.5.0 BETA" in the BoonDox archive (eab fileserver - BBS) , take a look into the zone (HellsHacker.zip).
sounds like "hellhack" and the guide says something about "war dailer".

TheBoilerRooms archive has "White Box v7.0", also in the zone. (full archive also in the BBS folder).

BoonDox also has Dial-O-Mat 6.3 ( Dial-O-Mat.zip ) - in the zone.

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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Bumping the old thread should have been enough I guess : http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=42757
Originally Posted by lucidphreak View Post
my initial search didnt find the original thread as thats what i intended to do..

i dont guess it really hurts anything though considering the original was in march?
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