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Question Found -> Sorcery+ (Was: What is the name of this action-adventure-puzzle game?)


I'm looking for a game of the action-adventure-puzzle type:

The plot: You control (with the joystick) a monk-like creature with a greyish robe. You can fly. You start off in an area called the Sanctuary, which has around 10 pillars of increasing height in it, the tallest one is in the middle. The objective of the game is to rescue other monks like yourself, who have become abducted and trapped. As they are rescued they will each come and stand on their own pillar. To fulfil the objective you have to fight (or avoid?) monsters and pick up keys and items. The keys and items are used to open gates, cages and so on. One item that I definitely remember is a "fleur de lys". Maybe there also are potions.

The graphics: 2D, viewed from the side, third person, no scrolling. As you approach the side of one screen you appear in a new area. You can fly in all eight directions but your progress is sometimes stopped by gates, monsters and so on.

The sound: A wind is constantly blowing in the background along with the occational sound of thunder. No music as I can remember.

Other info: It's old, maybe before or around 1990. No more than one disk. I never had it in a box, so I don't know if it was a commercial product. The game is maybe called Sanctuary, but I seriously don't remember (hence the post ). As mentioned though, I think the start location with the columns was called "Sanctuary".

So, can anyone remember this game and provide me with a name (or maybe even an .ADF? Thanks for any help.

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Maybe this ?:

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I'm making it up but...http://hol.abime.net/?id=2057
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It could be Sorcery! There are some familiar elements. I have to get hold of a copy to be sure though.
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I've uploaded it to the Zone.
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Yep, that was it! Thanks a lot for uploading, CodyJarrett! Thanks to you other guys as well. Now I gotta try to rescue all the sorcerers !
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I've got a trained version (but you have to disable the time) because once you rescue all the ppl the time keeps going down for ever, because of the trainer.

Also when you head into level 2, take a Crown with you I think into level 2.
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