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slow hard drive - cutting cable???

Picked up a 4 gig 2.5" hard drive from a car boot for a quid to go in my A1200, formatted, partitioned and installed WB3.0 and it works fine except for the fact that it's a little bit slow to boot up. So usually when switching the Amiga on I get the screen with the hand so I have to reset using CTRL+AMIGA+AMIGA to boot up. Anyway to cut a long boring story short I've read that cutting the first part of the cable usually fixes things but before I go ahead and try it has anyone here done this? Is it just a case of snipping with a pair of scissors? It is the opposite end to where the red stripe is isn't it? Any help appreciated guys and gals.
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Eeek! Nooooo!!!!!

If it boots ok after a reset, then snipping line 1 will not solve your problem, you just have a slow drive, nothing you can do about it...

Snipping line 1(the red one), which is the reset line would prevent the drive from stopping when you reboot. Only cut this wire if you get the boot screen EVERY time you reset.

To actually do it, the best way is to use side cutters or nail clippers and cut a 5mm section of cable out...

And you shouldn't get the screen with the hand at all, you should get a disk going into a disk drive with an A1200...
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My mistake, had been playing games on my 500 and was getting mixed up with the boot screens. I've done the deed and snipped the red reset line and it all works tikketyboo now. Don't know what I was worried about
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