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Zeppelin like game for the C64


1. Possible name of game
I think the name was balloon, blimp or something similar. Not quite sure because it was found on a turbotape so those who saved it might have made up the name.

2. Game genre (General)
A zeppelin like game.

3. Game genre (Specific)
Again a zeppelin like game, most likely written in basic. It only used two colors as far as I can remember (the classic C64 blue + light blue) but the blimp itself was in black or was light-blue with some black on it.

4. Viewpoint
2D static frame. The blimp progressed to next level by going from top to bottom.

5. General dates
Probably before 1989 - possibly a lot earlier.

6. Commercial status
I doubt this was a commercial game. Possibly public domain or shareware. I can't remember reading any shareware notice.

7. Other specific info
If I recall correctly it was a balloon with a commodore logo on it (just like the classic commodore sprite found in the manual) OR (more likely) it was a black blimp like structure that you should navigate. All I can remember is that there was something special with the shape.
Two colors only , the level was designed with standard chargen characters. The sprite was probably high resolution, but not quite sure on the latter.
It was played with a joystick.
I think there was basic sound, no music , but very simple "typical basic program" sound effects - noise mostly if my memory serves me correctly.
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