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FS-UAE Portable with Kickstart, WHD-Load-Key & ClassicWB


First of all sorry if my questions were already answered but I am searching for hours now and I was not able to find something to solve my problems. I hope you pros will have some useful hints for me:

What is working so far? I extracted the 2.4.1-portable version of FS-UAE. I successfully imported all kickstarts from Amiga Forever. I created a "Games"-Folder inside of FS-UAE Portable. I have also put my registered WHD-Key just in the root of FS-UAE. When I copy now a zipped WHD-Load-Game, for example Lemmings, into the Games-Folder and start the game - everything works perfect. The WHD-Load-Key will be found and the game starts.

But in many WHD-Load-Packages are also Solutions, Hints etc. - starting the game like described above I am not able to access these goodies. So I followed the instructions and installed a ClassicWB Environment in FS-UAE Portable. Everything boots up fine. As a second "Hard Drive" I chose the Game Folder inside of FS-UAE under Hard Drives, but this time I extracted the game into this Game Folder.

When I boot up now the ClassicWB everything works fine and I can see & open the games folder. Now I also can open for example a manual or solution - all right !

But now my problems are beginning:

a) Many games will start perfectly, for example Turrican. But with other games, for example 1869 - I get the Error message: "Could not find kickstart..."

So in this case will the previous imported Amiga Forever-Kickstarts not work? Do I have to use other Kickstarts with ClassicWB and if yes, where do I have to put them exactly (still for portable FS-UAE)?

b) My second problem with the portable version is that every game opened via ClassicWB starts as "unregistered" game, even with my registered Key in root directory of FS-UAE. The key seems only to work if I start WHD-Games directly without ClassicWB with my current configuration.

Is there a way to use ClassicWB in FS-UAE Portable and also make it possible to use my WHD-Load Key so that the key will be recognized when I start a game? What do I have to do for it?

Thank you for your help and best regards
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Yes, both your issues are easily fixed. Remember that when you run your ClassicWB environment, you just start the Amiga with that emulated hard drive (and FS-UAE Launcher does not know you are going to run WHDLoad inside the emulated Amiga).

So in this case, you have to do what any owners of real Amiga's have to do: install the required kickstart and the WHDLoad key on the Amiga's hard drive.

You need the following files on the emulated hard drive in order to unlock all functionality of WHDLoad:

Your WHDLoad key goes here:

* S/WHDLoad.key

The following three files are copies of your kickstarts:

* Devs/Kickstarts/kick34005.A500 (Amiga 500 v1.3 Kickstart)
* Devs/Kickstarts/kick40068.A1200 (Amiga 1200 v3.1 Kickstart)
* Devs/Kickstarts/kick40068.A4000 (Amiga 4000 v3.1 Kickstart)

The following files can be found here:http://aminet.net/package/util/boot/skick346 (they may also actually already be installed in ClassicWB):

* Devs/Kickstarts/kick40068.A1200.RTB
* Devs/Kickstarts/kick34005.A500.RTB
* Devs/Kickstarts/kick40068.A4000.RTB

If your ClassicWB installation is on a .hdf file, the easiest is to put the required files on a directory hard drive first (add a new directory hard drive if necessary) and move/copy the files to the correct places on the ClassicWB hard drive from within Workbench.
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hi frode!

thank you for your fast reply and thank you that the master himself answers!

got it! i did everything inside of ClassicWB as you described - now everything works like a charm :-) !

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