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I saw an Amiga 500 at my classmate's home. It was attached to a family TV (Black and White) and the first things he showed to me were Turrican 2 and Gods. So it was 1991.

I had C64 (with datasette) at that time and after I returned home, I couldn't even look at it anymore.
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The worst for me was looking at the adverts for Silica Shop in Zzap at the Batman pack with something like 'only £3.22 a week' or something and be like I can save my pocket money etc but not realising at that age you couldn't get a credit account!!
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I got my first computer in 1985, being a C64. Of course I then used to get the fabulous Zzap64 magazine and that's where I first saw mention of an Amiga. In 1989 I first saw one for real in a department store, an A500 with an A590 displaying a picture slideshow (remember when they were big thing?) I wanted one badly. A friend got an A500 and showed me Soundtracker ... well the rest is history, as they say
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Computer exhibition in Stockholm, probably in 1987 or 1988 (not sure), showing the Amiga 1000, it had 'Marble Madness' running and they also showed 'Defender of the Crown'. Remember being impressed by the games and the multitasking workbench demoed. I had a C128 at the time which felt like a stupid upgrade (GO64 anyone?) but the Amiga was definitely something worth upgrading to, got an A500 later when it was released.
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I'm not entirely certain what my earliest Amiga memory is, but I definitely remember going into a local computer store in Cardiff which had an A500 running Shadow of the Beast in 1989. I was impressed, but to this day I am baffled why, when my parents offered me a computer upgrade, I went for the Atari ST instead - I suppose it was to stay loyal to the brand, but I never even asked for a demo between the two when it came to buying the system. Luckily, I convinced my parents that it was the Amiga I meant to get, after a few months of the ST and seeing what I was missing in the shop. Expensive mistake for my Dad on my part, I do not remember how I convinced them.
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Pinball Fantasies !

Yep, this was the game i remember i wanted to play .... so i needed an Amiga
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My first memory related to the Amiga is an article in the French magazine "Tilt" which was talking about the next Commodore computer, the Amiga, that will have a chip dedicated to draw lines faster than any other computers!
What!??? That sound totally crazy but genius!!! Let's wait for it.

Then, later, I saw screenshots of this famous computer. It was the A1000 with Marble Madness and another game showing the cockpit of an extra-terrestrial ship. It was not appealing and out of budget.
I bought an Atari ST some time later because it was affordable.

Finally in a supermarket, a day, I saw from my own eyes, a real A500 with the "Blair Sullivan" running cat demo. It was just incredible!

Some time later, the price of the A500 drop a bit and was more acceptable for my budget so I resold the ST and finally got the Grail! My first game was Blood Money, the sound was incredible.

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In 1988 I went to the computer Info Exhibition in Kuwait, "MSX Sakhr" was the Big player in these days, and I want to buy MSX2 computer when I saw people gathering to see a presentation and this man showing Amiga artwork King Tutankhamun it was amazing image I did not believe my Eyes! The Picture Resolution was So High much better than MSX2! It was in Deluxe Paint
The people were amazed when the presentation man selects Tutankhamun mouth with select tool and with some mouse Clicks he make the lips looks like he is Happy! Here I take some paper adverts for Amiga and after 2 months I buy Amiga500 and not MSX2
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Very interesting to hear how Amiga was shown / marketed in places like Kuwait, Brazil, Japan etc...

Cheers Sona
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